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1.Malaria parasite proteins that remodel the host erythrocyte

Plasmodium falciparum is responsible for the most virulent form of human malaria. This protozoan parasite spends part of its lifecycle inside the red blood cells (RBCs) of its host. The mature ...

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2.Search for: "DNA" - 598 articles found

Computational approaches are being applied on enormous amounts of data from sequencing technologies to develop tools to help clinicians manage cancer more effectively.

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3.Schedule of Events - Festival of Scholars

Dye molecules are frequently used to study DNA. The dyes attach non-covalently to DNA strands, allowing detection of DNA-rich areas in cells or electrophoresis gels. The most common dye, ethidium ...

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Wikipedia sayings about molecular biologists have determined that cells contain dna-binding proteins that attach to specific dna sequences. what role do these binding proteins have on gene expression?


underlying DNA sequence. Gene expression can be controlled through the action of repressor proteins that attach to silencer regions of the DNA. These epigenetic


said to suppress glucagon. NeuroD1, also known as β2, regulates insulin exocytosis in pancreatic β cells by directly inducing the expression of genes involved