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1.What Countries Use social media Most

Daily Time Spent Using Social Media As a whole, Asia loves to consume social media and many countries ... has remained stable ...

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2.The new movement that has enraged China

An informal, online network is translating publicly available articles and social media posts. That has been enough to rile ...

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3.China's development is good for Asia, but countries want to maintain ties with Japan, US, Europe too: PM Lee

SINGAPORE - China's development is positive for the region, but countries in the Asia-Pacific also want to ... PM Lee noted that the US has a big stake and substantial investments in the region ...

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4.Asia is not just China: Who else will buy what New Zealand has to sell?

Over the years, New Zealand has talked about the desire to change its export picture – fewer commodity exports, more value-add. And we’ve seen progress in areas like wine, health products ...

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Tributes paid to Blanche described her as 'a master of her craft', and a 'lovely lady with a big heart' and a ... fading in the east and central areas of the country. It's been delayed by four ...

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6.‘One country, two systems’ best for HK

The SAR has its own currency, passport, economic policy, and enjoys a high degree of autonomy in several other areas ... in Asia, as that’s the best way of protecting the «one country ...

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7.Best Asian Dating Sites: Top Apps to Meet and Date Asian Singles in 2022

Tinder has to be right up there. The site commands an active monthly user base of over 75 million, with 7M+ from the U.S. To connect with users from Asian countries, Tinder allows you to change ...

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8.Technology News

A federal judge has dismissed a securities fraud and defamation lawsuit filed by a Tesla investor against CEO Elon Musk, the company and a Musk supporter The mining company that wants to extract a ...

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9.Which non-European countries go on Eurovision and why are they allowed?

The Eurovision Song Contest has 40 countries taking part in 2022, with Australia once again among them. The show has a long history of non-European countries taking part with even a new Canada ...

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10.US Unveils Asia-Pacific Trade Bloc To Counter China, But Questions Remain

President Joe Biden launched a new Asia-Pacific ... are other countries that could conceivably join us," Biden's national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, told reporters. Biden has pushed to ...

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11.Opinion: When larger nations go “beast mode” with each other, smaller nations can partner among themselves and adopt the “insect strategy”

The one feature that every country mentioned here cannot be described in any shape or form as a “power” but has somehow managed to become a prosperous and pleasant place. The big beast of the ...

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12.'We’re Canadians and we contribute to the building of this country' — Reflections on 20 years of Asian Heritage Month

May marks Asian Heritage Month ... We have a large sports community; Sri Lanka is a big cricket playing country. We have cricket games. The last two years have put a big dent on it, but this ...

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2.Austin, Texas

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