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1.Replica of The Thinker

as if no one will notice what frauds we are, as if some world around him is about to make sense, some answer has almost arrived. Almost. Matthew Olzmann, "Replica of ...

From : Academy of American Poets

2.Four key things on passports every holidaymaker should check on before travelling

A large number of EU countries in the Schengen Area require your passport to be no more than 10 years old from the point ... "Take a photo or photocopy of the information page of your passport ...

From : Daily Record

3.Petrol prices soar above $2 per litre amid warnings they could rise higher still

Australia is a net importer of refined petrol, meaning international factors largely determine the price local motorists pay at the bowser. And the Singapore gasoline price – a benchmark for ...

From : The New Daily

4.Wheat: Going against the grain of human reason

A billion people — one eighth world population — have little food to put on the table Consider how wheat is as old as recorded ... the world’s largest importer of wheat, when a spontaneous ...

From : Gulf News

5.Build, Now, a Monument

Old pain. He had a friend, out there ... Used with the permission of Alice James Books, Matthew Olzmann is the author of Contradictions in the Design (Alice James Books, 2016) ...

From : Academy of American Poets

6.Clive Thompson

Clive Thompson is author of Smarter Than You Think: How Technology is Changing Our Minds for the Better and Coders: The Making of a New Tribe and the Remaking of the World. He is a contributing ...

From : Smithsonian Magazine

7.National supermarket recall over contamination fears

Food Standards Australia New Zealand warned shoppers on Friday not to eat various Elite branded products, as kosher food importer, Benedikt Imports, announced a full recall. The affected Israel ...

From : The New Daily

8.Chip supplier says China will struggle to develop advanced technology

We’ll send you a myFT Daily Digest email rounding up the latest Semiconductors news every morning. The chief executive of JSR, one of the world’s largest suppliers of a material critical for ...

From : The Financial Times

9.India ramps up coal production to record levels in extreme heatwave

Before the war in Ukraine, India had increased imports of Russian coal, but Tata Steel, the largest importer of Russian ... number You must be over 18 years old to register You must be over ...

From : The Independent

10.Report: Germany top buyer of Russian energy since war began

The Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air, which is based in Finland and funded through grants and research contracts, said the second biggest importer of Russia fossil fuels in the two ...

From : The Independent

11.Synonyms of 'mirror image' in British English

an image or object that has left and right reversed as if seen in a mirror I saw in him a mirror image of my younger self. She's the spitting image of her mother.

From : Collins Dictionary

Wikipedia sayings about book copier of old crossword

1.List of The Office (American TV series) characters

perpetually grumpy and disgruntled employee. Stanley is known for working on crossword puzzles during work and the various staff meetings. He is also characterized of The Office (American TV series) characters

2.List of Jimmy Fallon games and sketches

receives a desktop printer/fax/scanner/copier, while both the loser and the photocopied person receive a ream of copy paper. Three blindfolded audience of Jimmy Fallon games and sketches