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1.When was the Sandy Hook shooting? What happened in the elementary school massacre and who the 26 victims were

The Robb Elementary shooting is the deadliest shooting at a US school since a gunman killed 20 children and six adults at ...

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2.Sandy Hook family members feel Uvalde’s pain keenly, offer words of guidance

As parents grieved in Uvalde, Texas, the horrific shooting that left 19 elementary school students and two teachers dead ...

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3.I Was Governor of Connecticut During Sandy Hook. The Grief Never Fades | Opinion

I'm saddest today because my hope that we'd never have to relive another tragedy like Sandy Hook faded yesterday in Uvalde.

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4.They thought Sandy Hook would 'wake up' the US. Uvalde school shooting proves it didn't.

Survivors and families of those killed in the Sandy Hook massacre say they're retraumatized by the Robb Elementary School ...

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5.Alex Jones, Wrecked By Sandy Hook Lawsuits, Calls Texas School Massacre ‘Very Opportunistic’

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones told his audience Tuesday evening that the Uvalde, Texas massacre “is just very opportunistic.

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6.Sandy Hook parents, survivors reliving their own nightmares in wake of deadly Texas school shooting

Nicole Hockley, whose 6-year-old son Dylan Hockley died in his teacher Anne Marie Murphy’s arms in Sandy Hook, said that the ...

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7.Sandy Hook survivors’ message for those trying to support a small Texas town: listen to the grieving

If one thing needs be emphasized to authorities and anyone wishing to support the small Texas town devastated by Tuesday’s ...

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8.Families of Sandy Hook victims offering support to families in Texas

The mass murder of innocent children in Uvalde, Texas, brings flashbacks to family members of Sandy Hook victims.

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9.Sen. Chris Murphy begs Congress for gun reform in wake of Uvalde shooting ten years after Sandy Hook

Murphy was the Democratic Congressman for Connecticut's fifth district - which took in the school - when gunman Adam Lanza ...

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10.Parkland parent, Sandy Hook survivor speak out on Texas school shooting

Manuel Oliver and Mary Ann Jacob speak on the surge of deadly gun violence. Nineteen children and two teachers are among ...

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11.Mother of Sandy Hook shooting victim calls such tragedies preventable

A mother whose 6-year-old son was killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting said Wednesday that such massacres are preventable ...

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Wikipedia sayings about sandy hook what happened

1.Harbor Defenses of New York

Defenses of Southern New York in 1913. Circa 1915 the Coast Defenses of Sandy Hook separated from the latter command. In 1925 the commands were renamed as Defenses of New York

2.A Resurrection (film)

the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting which took place during post-production. Orlando acknowledged this; “As we were making it, Sandy Hook did not Resurrection (film)