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1.US gun control: What is the NRA and why is it so powerful?

In the wake of a school shooting in Texas that left 19 children and two adults dead, President Biden has asked: "When are we ...

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2.How the NRA evolved from backing a 1934 ban on machine guns to blocking nearly all firearm restrictions today

After spending decades researching and writing about how and why the NRA came to hold such sway over national gun policies, I ...

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3.How much has the NRA spent on Missouri and Kansas members of Congress?

While Republican lawmakers have condemned the shooting, critics have quick to point out the tight relationships these ...

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4.The NRA's Power is Waning. Opposition to New Gun Laws Isn't.

For years, proponents of tougher gun restrictions have placed much of the blame for America’s crisis of gun death on the ...

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5.What to know about the NRA convention in Houston, days after the Uvalde school shooting

The National Rifle Association will move forward with its annual meeting this weekend in downtown Houston, three days after a ...

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6.2 Republican lawmakers are skipping the NRA's leadership convention this weekend, but said it's not because of the Texas school shooting

Several Republican lawmakers have pulled out of attending the NRA's upcoming event in Texas. They cited reasons unrelated to ...

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7.The NRA's Secret Tapes

Former President Donald Trump is scheduled to speak at the event. It's a moment that's eerily similar to one that occurred ...

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8.Craig Borges: Shame on the NRA and those who support it

In the early 1980s, when I was living in Boston, occasionally I’d go with a group of friends to a pub in Southie to have a ...

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9.Letter to the editor: NRA culpable in staggering loss of life

Our appetite for violence takes precedence over anything else, courtesy of a wealth-saturated lobby that emphasizes the notion of guns as proxy for freedom until it is cemented in suggestible minds, ...

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10.What to know about the NRA's annual meeting in Houston

The National Rifle Association is set to hold its 2022 annual meeting in Houston on Friday, bringing together its top brass ...

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11.Daniel Defense—the Maker of the Uvalde Shooter’s ‘Perfect Rifle’—Abruptly Exits the NRA Convention

LUCAS JACKSONOn a Memorial Day weekend when we honor those who died in service to our country, the company that manufactured ...

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12.Don McLean will no longer perform at the NRA Convention 'in light' of the mass shooting in Texas

Don Mclean has dropped out of the National Rifle Association Convention line-up “in light of the second deadliest school mass ...

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1.2018 NRA boycott

boycott emerged against the U.S. gun rights advocacy group National Rifle Association (NRA) and its business affiliates. The boycott and social media NRA boycott

2.Maria Butina

Arms. Torshin has attended NRA annual meetings in the United States since at least 2011. Following the 2011 meeting, then NRA President David Keene expressed Butina