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1.What does ‘feedback required’ mean on Instagram? Why users are reporting app is down and login error explained

Some users have reported that their feeds not refreshing, while others have been unable to login into the app, which instead ...

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2.‘Feedback required’ on Instagram – mysterious error message leaves users baffled

THOUSANDS of Instagram fans have been left baffled this morning after being locked out of the app by a bizarre error message.

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3.How Do I Fix "Feedback Required" on Instagram?

Instagram users occasionally report receiving a “Feedback Required” error message upon trying to post a comment or captioned photo. Being comment-related, the ...

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4.Savage Love: Quick Questions (from Instagram) and Answers (Typed Out on Dan’s Broken Phone)

So, I wasn’t able to access my Savage Love email—which is a problem, since no questions means no column. So, I put out an SOS ...

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5.The Feedback Fallacy

But it turns out that feedback does not help employees thrive ... Managers can’t “correct” a person’s way to excellence. Managers need to help their team members see what’s working ...

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6.What does the drive-off cost mean when buying a car?

This is part of our Car Buyer's Glossary series breaking down all the terms you need to know if you're buying ... as this type of financing is typically meant to trap customers with extremely ...

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7.What you need to know about changing mask rules

What does the new ruling mean for traveling through Sea-Tac Airport? * Travelers visiting Seattle-Tacoma International Airport will no longer be required to mask up, though airlines may still ...

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8.Uncle Waffles has been co-signed by Drake in a major way. But what does it mean?

social media has exploded with everyone and their mother sharing their views on what this moment actually means. Is it a co-sign? Does Drake want to get in her pants? Why is he so invested in this ...

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9.What does SADC’s new military approach in Mozambique mean?

What does this change of approach actually mean on the battleground ... SADC’s new approach to the conflict in Mozambique is the need to enhance and consolidate the achievements made by the ...

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10.Online learning is being phased out in DC area: What does that mean for students?

Online learning will no longer be an option for some students across the D.C. region as school leaders try to get kids back in the classroom. Many students across our region have already returned ...

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11.Democrats want to 'codify' Roe v. Wade. What does that mean — and could they do it?

Here's what that means. A demonstrator holds a sign during a protest ... re trying to say is we need to have protections that don't depend on what the Supreme Court does," said Linda McClain ...

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12.Elon Musk will take publicly-listed Twitter private after buyout: What does this mean for users and investors?

Twitter buy: Govt says safety, accountability rules unchanged Sitharaman asks US chip industry to invest in India Synopsis The transaction, which has been unanimously approved by the Twitter Board ...

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