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1.Top Gun: Maverick: Tom Cruise's victory lap a thunderous success

Films such as The Fly, Aliens, Platoon, Stand By Me and Ferris ... US$350m against a budget of around US$15m, was a cultural ...

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2.What happened to the original Top Gun stars who WON'T appear in the sequel?

Maverick approaches its May 27 premiere, it's revealed that Tom Cruise was the only Top Gun actor asked to return for the ...

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3.'Top Gun: Maverick' director reveals how he convinced Tom Cruise to make a sequel to one of his most beloved movies

Joseph Kosinski explained to Insider how he got Cruise to make a sequel to "Top Gun" 35 years after the original hit theaters ...

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4.Jennifer Connelly hid fear of flying from Top Gun: Maverick co-star Tom Cruise

Jennifer Connelly pretended to be fine with flying when Tom Cruise offered to take her for a spin in a vintage plane during ...

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5.‘Top Gun: Maverick’ can’t stop looking back, but it’s a blast all the same | Movie review

Maverick” embarks on a steady climb to dangerously nostalgic altitudes, the sequel to 1986’s beloved “Top Gun” turning and ...

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6.What do real US pilots think of Top Gun: Maverick’s reel pilots? We find out

CNA Lifestyle sat down with two US pilots ahead of the Top Gun: Maverick premiere in Singapore held on May 20 and they gave ...

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7.Top Gun’s vanishing act: whatever happened to Kelly McGillis?

Tom Cruise's former leading lady has endured a lifetime of insults, abuse, and 'hate stares’. No wonder she isn't in the ...

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8.Film Review: Tom Cruise's Top Gun Maverick shows there's life in the old dogfight yet

If like me, you grew up in the 80s then undoubtedly Top Gun was part of your childhood. I've only ever met one person who ...

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9.‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Star Monica Barbaro on the Rigors of Filming in Planes: ‘Tom Created the Perfect Training Program’

Barbaro also tells TheWrap about the experience of shooting without a finished script and receiving cake from Cruise ...

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10.‘Top Gun: Maverick’ stars hope the film’s Black pilots will inspire a new generation of fans

Maverick" features a diverse cast including Black Navy pilots, shedding light on the often overlooked military history of ...

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11.Top Gun: Maverick's Bashir Salahuddin And Charles Parnell Tell Us What They Learned From Tom Cruise [Interview]

Maverick" is set to hit theaters this Friday, and the film is already getting some amazing buzz. I'm certainly buzzing, ...

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12.How Top Gun: Maverick’s Breathtaking Practical Effects Were Achieved

In an age where computer-generated special effects reign supreme in cinema, Top Gun Maverick is a Mach 10 breath of fresh air ...

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1.Roger Moore

(1962–1969). He also had roles in American series, including Beau Maverick on the Western Maverick (1960–1961), in which he replaced James Garner as the lead Moore

2.List of Maverick episodes

series, Maverick, created by Roy Huggins and starring James Garner, Jack Kelly, Roger Moore, and Robert Colbert as Bret, Bart, Beau, and Brent Maverick respectively of Maverick episodes