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1.CDC: How These Dog Treats Can Make You Sick With Salmonella

Officials have not yet identified a common supplier of the pig ear dog treats. There have not been any related recalls to date. So, how do you prevent getting Salmonella from Old Yeller?

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2.Dog lovers warned against pet kisses that can 'spread salmonella and ringworm'

"Other common infections that dogs can transfer include salmonella, ringworm, and hookworm." Dr Kasem said while the occasional dog kiss is "fine", he would not recommend making it a "regular ...

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3.Urgent dog warning over ‘pet kisses’ as expert says they could cause 'serious illness'

He warned that the affectionate gesture could spread salmonella, ringworm or hookworm to their owners. It can also cause gum disease in humans, Dr Kasem warned. He said: "Dogs aren't known for ...

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4.What is salmonella, what are the main symptoms and how long can it last?

Salmonella outbreaks have led to mass recalls across the UK ...

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5.Can Dogs, Cats, Pets Get And Spread Covid-19 Coronavirus?

Do not dress up your pets to look like people so that they can get the Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna vaccines. The health care professional giving the vaccine may say, “hmmm, your ID says ...

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6.The 7 signs of salmonella to know as chicken pulled from stores over vomiting bug outbreak fears

SUPERMARKETS and eateries across the country have been forced to pull chicken products from their shelves due to salmonella ...

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7.Not only fleas: five diseases you can catch from pets

Dogs and cats can also carry salmonella, sometimes causing diarrhoea ... Most infections we get are likely to come from other humans. However, the risks of zoonosis can be minimised by being ...

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8.What is salmonella and what are the symptoms?

And therefore, humans usually get infected by eating raw or undercooked meat, poultry, eggs or egg products (such as mayonnaise). The salmonella can be spread from the animals faeces to the flesh ...

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9.Dog food recalled over salmonella, listeria concerns

A brand of dog food is being recalled due to potential salmonella and listeria contamination, which could pose a threat to both animals and their owners, according to the U.S. Food and Drug ...

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10.Do dogs get hay fever? Common symptoms and what you can do

Hay fever is the one thing that can really slam the brakes on our plans, making us regret our exciting countdown for the start of summer after a gruelling winter. We’ve got used to spotting the ...

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Salmonella is a type of ... Faeces may get onto raw meat and poultry during the butchering process, while seafood may be contaminated if harvested from contaminated water. Contamination can also ...

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12.The 4 Main Symptoms of a Salmonella Infection

A few times a year, you'll start hearing some concerning news about a salmonella outbreak. This bacterial infection is often caused by contaminated water or food products, which means it can ...

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