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1.Dungeons and Dragons Sale: Get 3 D&D Core Rulebooks for ...

If you've been eyeing the set, you can get the tri-force of core D&D rulebooks as part of Amazon's sweeping Buy 3 for 2 promotion.

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2.The D&D spinoff that inspired Warmachine is being rebooted

The Iron Kingdoms setting, an alternate role-playing universe that shares some of the same mechanics as Dungeons & Dragons, ...

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1.Beholder (Dungeons & Dragons)

Dragons handbooks, including the fifth edition Monster Manual. Unlike many other Dungeons & Dragons monsters, the beholder is an original creation for D&D (Dungeons & Dragons)

2.Monster Manual IV

Monster Manual IV is an optional supplemental source book for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. As with other Monster Manual supplements, MM4 contains Manual IV