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1.Download Tesla Service Manuals Worth $3,000 for Free

According to Tesla’s website, subscription pricing for diagnostic software costs $3,000 a year or $500 per month. While it ...

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2.Go Download Tesla’s Free Service Manuals While You Can

Tesla opened up access to let users download its service manuals, parts manuals, and repair guides for free, which is a ...

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3.Tesla's Service Manuals Now Free Of Charge, Grab Them While You Can

Tesla's website now shows a $0.00 price for the "Service and Repair Information" subscription package. Tesla's service ...

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4.Tesla structural battery pack is removable, but it is quite an ordeal

Tesla structural battery pack is removable and replaceable, according to new service manuals, but it is quite an ordeal.

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5.Tesla Model Y Structural Battery Pack Is Removable Via 143 Steps

According to Tesla's service manuals, replacing the battery pack requires a whopping 314 steps. According to a recent report ...

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6.What to Include in Your Company's Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is a valuable document that provides clarity on company policies. Learn what you should include in your ...

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7.How EV maintenance differs, part three: Is an EV cheaper to maintain?

The Tesla service adviser I have relied on for my information ... I tried the re-initialization procedure in the manual and online to no avail. I took it to the dealer and had to pick it up ...

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8.2022 Kia EV6 v Polestar 2 v Tesla Model 3 comparison

They’re fine, but they lack the under-thigh support on offer in the Polestar, and are harder to get into a good position due ...

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9.Elon Musk eyes 2024 for Tesla robotaxi sans steering wheel, pedals

Tesla is aiming to mass produce ... has been testing robotaxi services in several states since 2018, though its cars come with manual controls and often includes a safety driver.

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10.Tesla Will Envy the Permit That Baidu Just Received

That's likely to catch Tesla CEO Elon Musk's attention ... Baidu’s autonomous ride-hailing service. "Welcome to the Future, Mom!" the video declares. "Helping Parents Use Apollo Go Robotaxis." ...

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11.Used Tesla for sale

Used Rebecca was very good with her service will be coming back Buying a Tesla is a lot like buying your first smart phone. Once you do it you will never consider another flip phone or combustion ...

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12.Musk says Tesla aspires to mass produce robotaxis by 2024

That's just two years to develop, test, verify, produce at volume and commercially launch a robotaxi service that meets regulatory rules that vary from state to state. In California, Tesla's largest ...

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1.Plug-in electric vehicle fire incidents

thirty deaths involving incidents of Tesla car fires. The following list of Tesla car fires is not comprehensive: A Tesla Model S caught fire after the vehicle electric vehicle fire incidents

2.History of the electric vehicle

October 2015 were the BYD e5 and the Tesla Model X, together with several variants of the Tesla Model S line-up. The Tesla Model 3 was unveiled on 31 March of the electric vehicle