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1.Multiversus is having a closed alpha test – here’s how to sign up

Warner Bros latest fighting game will include Superman, Wonder Woman, Bugs Bunny, Arya Stark and more. Here’s how to sign up ...

From : The Independent

2.Principal developer says MultiVersus went free-to-play to open door for more players, will avoid ‘predatory’ practices

Player First Games principal developer Daniel Kraft detailed how MultiVersus came to be, including being built from the ...

From : Dot Esports

3.MultiVersus has no right to be as fun as it is

While it might look like a cash grab at first glance, MultiVersus is actually a really fun and innovative alternative to ...

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4.MultiVersus is a shameless mashup of Space Jam and Smash Bros. — and it works

Bros., only with Warner Bros. characters in place of those from Nintendo and other classic video games. This means that ...

From : The Verge

5.‘MultiVersus’ Preview: A Possible Smash Successor Enters The Arena

The core controls are similar to Smash as well, with attacks and specials each tied to a single button and directional inputs ...

From : Forbes

6.Multiversus, we tried fighting games with Batman, Bugs Bunny, Finn, Jake and Scooby Doo

Warner tries to get into fighting games with Multiversus, but he does so by imitating in his own way a series that is nothing ...

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7.Multiversus Hands-On Preview – One Of 2022’s Biggest Surprises

Exciting because after considerable time with the upcoming closed alpha, Multiversus is shaping up to be something well worth ...

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8.MultiVersus: Warner opens up its animated vault to make them fight

We test Warner's upcoming free-to-play fighting title where they put their biggest stars, from Shaggy to Arya in a fight that ...

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9.MultiVersus Devs on Balancing Gameplay & Art With a True-to-Character Fighting Game

Player First Games' Daniel Kraft dishes on Waner Bros' fighter MultiVersus, including when Iron Giant is coming and how ...

From : MSN

10.‘MultiVersus’ preview: clever character design shines in a brawler fit to take on ‘Smash’

The addition of pre-match equipable perks that affect the team as well as your character further complicates this, but it’s ...

From : NME

11.Multiversus, the experimenter –

Warner tries to get into fighting games with the Multiversus, but he does so by emulating in his own way a series no less ...

From : Wire Service

12.MultiVersus hands-on: The Smash Bros rival we’ve been waiting for

MultiVersus is by no means the first game to unashamedly mimic the successful formula of Nintendo’s long-running Super Smash ...

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2.Arya Stark

Stark appears as a playable character in the upcoming fighting game MultiVersus, with Maisie Williams vocally reprising her role.  This article incorporates Stark