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1.This sales objection points to an increase in deals won by 75 percent.

What’s the #1 sales objection that points to more deals won? Hint: It has everything to do with not wanting to change! This article is part of the brand new Sales Secrets Uncovered series where we ...

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2.State Diagram

What Does State Diagram Mean? A state diagram is a diagram used in computer science to describe the behavior of a system considering all the possible states of an object when an event ... created when ...

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3.Global Variable

What Does Global Variable Mean? A global variable is a programming language construct ... especially in long programs, leading to bugs that can be very hard to locate. Source code is best understood ...

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4.object-oriented programming

OOP Traditional Programming class define data + processing object data + processing attribute data (a field) method function message function call instantiate allocate a structure THIS DEFINITION ...

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5.What Unreal Engine 5 Means for the Games Industry

That ease of use, plus a drastically improved toolset and multiple features designed to save time for developers, could lead ...

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6.What’s the endgame in Ukraine?

What do you mean by "until Ukraine is free ... The war is unlikely to escalate, because Putin has his hands full with Ukraine ...

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7.object database

Object databases may be used for real-time applications whereby they can extend memory beyond the operating system's own virtual memory limit. THIS DEFINITION IS FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. All other ...

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8.You Can Now Buy a Color via NFT. What Does This Mean for Art?

Even trickier: If they are art, what does that mean for art making as a practice ... Once, back during a time when royalties ...

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9.First Direct Visual Evidence That the Object in the Center of the Milky Way Is Indeed a Black Hole

Astronomers reveal the first image of the black hole at the heart of our galaxy. It is the first direct visual evidence of a ...

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10.What Is Antisemitism? Evangelicals Favor Different Definitions

European Evangelical Alliance becomes latest Christian group to sign onto IHRA working definition. Others favor Jerusalem ...

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11.What Is An NFT? Non-Fungible Tokens Explained

Collins Dictionary has announced that its Word of the Year 2021 is NFT, leading many to wonder what ... digital asset that represents a real-world object like, for example, the Charlie Bit My ...

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2.Criterion of dissimilarity

death by crucifixion in Jerusalem do not pass the criterion of dissimilarity. He emphasised that this does not mean Jesus definitely didn't predict his of dissimilarity