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1.The Supreme Court’s History of Protecting the Powerful

Laurence Tribe discusses the leaked Alito draft, the inherent politics of the judicial branch, and how to behave on Twitter.

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2.It’s Chief Justice Roberts' Court, but does he still lead?

The chief justice has already ordered an investigation of the leak this week of a draft opinion suggesting the court could be ...

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3.What the Supreme Court's leaked draft means (and doesn't) for abortion

I was struck by the headline on a recent letter to the editor in The Arizona Republic: “New justices on the High Court lead ...

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4.What Does My Library Need to Know about Ebook Laws?

Our online column Letters of the Law explores a wide range of legal issues that arise in libraries, with the help of a pair ...

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5.What the Roe leak means for the future of the Supreme Court

The court has cautioned that no final decision on the case has been made. The dramatic escalation of events has many ...

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6.What does the #CryptoCrash mean for web3 and music?

And if it does, there will be repercussions ... including our industry-leading daily Bulletin email. Music Ally Focus #59: Ed ...

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7.What does Roe v. Wade likely getting overturned mean for California?

What does such a change mean for California ... clear from oral arguments the court was poised to overturn Roe, Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks, one of the state's leading abortion rights advocates ...

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8.What a Supreme Court ruling ending Roe v. Wade would mean for reproductive rights

It does not mean that it may not last until the final decision. But I will tell you this, that during the Supreme Court's deliberative process, first drafts often go through multiple drafts ...

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9.What does 'woke' mean?

What does woke mean?' was one of the most-asked questions last year on ... In the song, Ledbetter – also known as Lead Belly – tells a story about nine black teenagers who were falsely accused of ...

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10.What a General's Court-Martial Means for the Military's 'Old Boys' Club'

Advocates are hopeful the general's court-martial is the beginning of a sea change in the military justice system.

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11.The Supreme Court leaked draft opinion: What it means for Florida


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Wikipedia sayings about what does leading mean in court

1.Vladimir Arutyunian

“Pardoning is not what some of you might think. This does not mean someone’s guilt is nullified. This does not represent revision of any court [decision]… This Arutyunian

2.Balfour v Balfour

that agreements such as this resulted in legal obligations which could be enforced in the Courts. It would mean this, that when the husband makes his v Balfour