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If objection is made, a motion may be made to grant the permission ... consent until some one objects. It does not necessarily mean that every member is in favor of the motion, but, that knowing it is useless to oppose it, or even to discuss it ... Sustain an Objection to the Consideration of a Question: 23: Previous Question: 29: ...

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1.What does it mean to love our bodies?

The human body is a material object and distinct from a human ... their goal is to “de-naturalize” gender, which means to deny that it has any grounding nature. (p 206, emphasis original) How does one ...

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2.What Does It Take for a Band to Make Sustainable Merch?

“Price-wise, sustainability was a bit easier for smaller ... A band tee can be more than a random shirt—it can serve as an object of nostalgia with the power to summon a Proustian reverie ...

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3.What Does it Mean to be Human?

This may not come as any surprise to us, but it means ... as does God’s response when human beings failed to trust Him and fell into sin. Although God makes a covenant with all living creatures in ...

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4.Sustainability Science: Ethical Foundations and Emerging Challenges

One objection to this perspective is that sustainability ought to entail understanding the "end goals of sustainability" (or sustainability's ethical dimension) and the "means by which to achieve ...

From : Nature

5.Shedding crypto’s climate guilt may need project finance

This energy use — for a completely new, non-vital and arguably financially dangerous activity — contributes grievously to ...

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6.Is there such thing as an ethical landlord?

Simon Broadhead rents out 10 properties in Bristol, and claims to be an ethical landlord. But what does that mean and what’s ...

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7.Sustainable fishing

Fish swim around and need time to grow and re-produce. Sustainable fishing allows this to happen while protecting habitats and threatened species. Sustainable fishing can be determined using the MSC ...

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8.Definition of 'indirect object'

An indirect object is an object that is used with a transitive verb to indicate who benefits from an action or gets something as a result. For example, in 'She gave him her address.', 'him' is the ...

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9.Sustainable Seafood Guide

Shopping for sustainable seafood can be easy. Just look for the MSC blue fish tick on a wide range of wild-caught seafood products available at your local supermarket in Australia and New Zealand.

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10.Definition of 'what'

What precisely triggered off yesterday's riot is still unclear. What I wanted, more than anything, was a few days' rest. What she does possess is the ability to get straight to the core of a problem.

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11.What is 'Graph Theory'

Each object in a graph is called a node ... It has a direction that is generally represented as an arrow. If an arrow is not used, it means the link is bi-directional. Transport geography can be ...

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12.What is Car Loan hypothecation?

What does Car Loan hypothecation mean? What is Car Loan “hypothecation ... After paying all the EMIs, ask your bank for a no objection certificate (NOC). This document will state that no dues are ...

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Death is the irreversible cessation of all biological functions that sustain an organism. Brain death is sometimes used as a legal definition of death

2.Nicomachean Ethics

sustainable, pleasant, self-sufficient activity; something aimed at for its own sake. (In contrast to politics and warfare it does not involve doing things Ethics