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1.Top Gun Tom Cruise is finally acting his age with Jennifer Connelly

More info Playing daredevil aviator Captain Peter "Maverick" Mitchell, he is still feeding his "need for speed", training a ...

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2.The Real Reason Tom Cruise Hasn't Aged

Tom Cruise is turning 60 in July 2022 ... the first two things that give your age away." Lastly, it's all about dressing well ...

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3.Remember Tom Cruise’s lover Lana from Risky Business? Actress Rebecca De Mornay looks INCREDIBLE 37 years later

WHO remembers Risky Business? The x-rated version of Ferris Bueller’s Day off that was Tom Cruise’s big break. The 1983 ...

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4.People Are Saying Tom Cruise Looks Younger In Top Gun Sequel Than The Original

Tom Cruise is back writing checks his body can definitely cash in Top Gun: Maverick – and he's barely aged a day, it seems.


5.Can Tom Cruise save the old-fashioned blockbuster?

A-listers are quitting Hollywood as their star vehicles flop while CGI superhero franchises soar. Only one man can turn the ...

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6.Tom Cruise’s biggest and most daring stunts

Few actors conjure up the same sense of Hollywood magic as Tom Cruise. For over four decades, he has remained one of the most ...

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7.Could you survive Tom Cruise’s nightmare Top Gun boot-camp?

Maverick’s co-stars faced cruel and unusual treatment on the set of Top Gun 2 – it’s been his gruelling approach for years ...

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8.Top Gun: Maverick, review: Tom Cruise is spectacular in this breathtaking sequel

The technology may be new but this is a very old-fashioned affair, building on the legacy of its 1986 predecessor with wit ...

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9.‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Review: Tom Cruise Is Back Soaring In What May Be The Role Of His Career

Some wonder if Tom Cruise and the producers of Top Gun ... from an all-knowing performance for the ages from Cruise to its ...

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10.‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Is a Spectacular Tribute to Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is Hollywood’s last great movie star, and though his baby face is vanishing, he hasn’t stopped fighting Father ...

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11.Top Gun Maverick director on axing Kelly McGillis for Tom Cruise sequel

TOP GUN MAVERICK hits cinemas at the end of this month, but one of the pivotal characters from the original film is not making a comeback: Charlie Blackwood; despite the fact she was Tom Cruise's love ...

From : Daily Express

12.In ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ Tom Cruise Outgrows His Iconic Character

Top Gun was his coming-of-age, allowing him to throw off the burden of his family ... If Top Gun was primo young Tom Cruise — ...

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1.Knight and Day

directed by James Mangold and starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. The film was the second on-screen collaboration of Cruise and Diaz, following the 2001 film and Day

2.Valkyrie (film)

written by Christopher McQuarrie and Nathan Alexander, and starring Tom Cruise. The film is set in Nazi Germany during World War II and depicts the 20 (film)