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1.The 'doorway' seen on Mars is not for aliens. Here's how it really formed.

Related: Seeing things on Mars: A history of Martian illusions Several clues make it clear that the subject of the image is ...

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2.NASA picture of Mars appears to show a doorway carved into the rock - here's how it was made

Conspiracy theorists have suggested that image shows an actual doorway carved into the rock by an intelligent alien species.

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3.NASA picture of Mars 'doorway' spawns conspiracy theories - this is what you're really looking at

And the simple explanation for the "door" on Mars is actually contained within the photograph itself if you look more closely ...

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4.Does This NASA Photo Show a ‘Portal’ and ‘Wall’ on Mars?

While the image in question was an authentic photo captured by a camera aboard the NASA Curiosity rover on May 7, 2022, the ...

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5.The door of the alien's house found on Mars! People's senses flew after seeing the picture

You must have heard the name of aliens but only in movies. In real life, new claims are constantly being made about them. Yes and the bigges..|News Track ...

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6.New NASA picture from surface of Mars shows 'doorway' on Red Planet

A new picture taken on Mars has got people talking. The image, taken by space agency NASA's Curiosity Rover on the Red Planet ...

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7.Did NASA Mars Rover find a secret Alien doorway? Find out the truth behind this shocking image

The NASA Mars Rover Curiosity has sent a strange image from the red planet. The image shows a carved door within a rock ...

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8.'Doorway' spotted on Mars sparks alien conspiracy theories

A cleanly cut 'doorway' which can be seen in a new photograph of Mars released by Nasa is sparking alien conspiracy theories ...

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9.A Surreal Door On Mars Has Been Revealed; It Appears To Be Home Of Extraterrestrial Life

The more intelligent ‘Redditors’ have deduced that this is most likely a compressive damage: the consequence of some stress on the rock splitting part of it off, possibly aided by a mars quake or two.

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10.Debunked: NASA Mars Rover did not capture ‘alien doorway’ on red planet

A new picture captured by NASA's Curiousity Mars Rover has gone viral, leading to speculations that the image shows an "alien ...

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11.Nasa rover spots strange rock formation that looks like ‘alien doorway’ on Mars

However, researchers are still working to determine how exactly quakes arise and propagate on Mars. The door-like rock ...

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2.Bruno Mars discography

In 2021, Mars and Anderson .Paak, as Silk Sonic, released the collaborative album An Evening with Silk Sonic. The lead single, "Leave the Door Open", reached Mars discography