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1.21 Thoughtful, Funny Questions You Should Ask Your Kids

"What do you think dogs would say to you if they could talk?" My 6-year-old: "Give me bacon. It’s not bad for me, it helps me ...

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2.Fun and funny things to ask Siri

Siri can tell jokes if you ask it to, but it also has a lot of fun and witty responses to everyday questions. In this article ...

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3.Alexa, May the Fourth be with you

Star Wars is among the most popular multimedia franchises in the galaxy, so it should come ... however, you need to know the ...

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4.Ask Amy: True friends are worth freezing for

(I’ve offered tissues to people on Zoom when they sneeze, and it can be a fun visual ... then you should let it go for now.

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1.John Cramer (announcer)

show called Trivia Unwrapped. John Cramer is also the announcer for Funny You Should Ask. He was also the announcer for the third season of Nickelodeon's Cramer (announcer)

2.Lloyd Thaxton

two short-lived game shows for ABC: Everybody's Talking (1967) and Funny You Should Ask (1968–69). He also was a radio talk show host on KABC-790 in Los Thaxton