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1.askST: What does sustainability mean for a small company?

SINGAPORE - A day never seems to go by without someone urging companies to prioritise goals around sustainability - or ... to understand what it all means for them. The push to go green and ...

From : The Straits Times

2.OSTP Publishes RFI Regarding Sustainable Chemistry

87 Fed. Reg. 19539. OSTP notes that “[t]he term “sustainable chemistry” does not have a consensus definition and most uses of the term indicate that it is synonymous with “green chemistry ...

From : The National Law Review

3.True sustainability leadership means moving past PR spin

Some cases had moved beyond the case of an NGO publicly pointing the finger at a corporation, to rulings from standards agencies and even courts ... does not sit right with me in cases where we know ...

From : Edie

4.Court blocks Department of Environment's trophy hunting quotas – for now

The Western Cape High Court has temporarily blocked the issuing of quotas to hunt 10 leopards, 10 black rhinos, and 150 ...

From : Cape Talk on

5.What does an ‘effective’ COVID-19 treatment mean?

Ivermectin, the once touted treatment for COVID-19, does not yield statistically significant ... that they be double-blind and randomized. This means that neither the researchers nor the ...

From : The Hill

6.What does the California Attorney General do?

The attorney general wields a huge amount of power and resources to influence legal enforcement in California, both through ...

From : Capital Public Radio

7.SMS sent by Ismail Abramjee led to the postponement of Mkhwebane's court case

Mandy Wiener speaks to legal journalist Karyn Maughan about Abramjee and the message that was sent. Following the ...

From : Cape Talk on

8.What does Michael Jordan mean to his hometown? It's complicated.

Despite a museum display and stretch of I-40 named for him, there's no Michael Jordan statue in Wilmington, N.C. He's not in ...

From : USA Today

9.What Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson means for the country

Jackson has become the first Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court and the first justice to have previously been a federal public defender. Of course, Jackson’s elevation does nothing to ...

From : Politico

10.Climate change: What does the IPCC mean by 'choice architecture' and can it change our behaviour?

Image: Reducing meat intake can help, scientists say What we eat Sustainable diets are often ... These changes mean "warmer homes, safer streets, cleaner air, better diets," says Prof Eyre.

From : Sky

11.Ukrainians will soon be eligible for temporary protected status. What does that mean?

This means a lot of people with TPS are living in ... For just $5/month, you can help sustain Marketplace so we can keep reporting on the things that matter to you.

From : Marketplace

12.What Does Justice For Mikayla Miller Look Like?

The death of Mikayla Miller, a 16-year-old from Hopkinton, is a deeply personal and emotional loss for her family. But since Miller's body was found last month, it's become something else, too — a ...

From : WGBH

Wikipedia sayings about what does sustain mean in court

1.Diversity jurisdiction

the lawsuit's "amount in controversy" must be more than $75,000. If a lawsuit does not meet these conditions, U.S. federal courts will normally lack the jurisdiction

2.Antonin Scalia

authored the Court's opinion in Stanford v. Kentucky, sustaining the death penalty for those who killed at age 16. However, in 2005, the Court overturned Scalia