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1.Sustainable by Design: The EU's 'Right to Repair' Law

From recycled materials to solar-powered factories, the international design community is redefining what it means to place ...

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2.What Does it Mean to be Human?

This may not come as any surprise to us, but it means ... as does God’s response when human beings failed to trust Him and fell into sin. Although God makes a covenant with all living creatures in ...

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3.Sustainability Science: Ethical Foundations and Emerging Challenges

One objection to this perspective is that sustainability ought to entail understanding the "end goals of sustainability" (or sustainability's ethical dimension) and the "means by which to achieve ...

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4.What Does It Take for a Band to Make Sustainable Merch?

Organic vs. recycled cotton, water-based vs. plastic ink, $5 vs. $25—for most touring musicians, eco-conscious T-shirts are an unsustainable investment.

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5.Restorative design creates more sustainable hospitality spaces. Why isn't the approach widespread?

In a recent article we explored how the quest to reduce waste will change the way F&B spaces are designed. Expanding on the ...

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6.Digital Watermark

What Does Digital Watermark Mean? A digital watermark is data embedded into digital ... For optimal effect, digital watermarks must be untransformable and sustain alterations, including algorithm ...

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7.Toner Cartridge

What Does Toner Cartridge Mean? A toner cartridge is a cartridge that holds physical ... cartridges that are much cheaper than OEM models or refill cartridges for a more sustainable and long-term use.

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8.Sustainable fishing

Fish swim around and need time to grow and re-produce. Sustainable fishing allows this to happen while protecting habitats and threatened species. Sustainable fishing can be determined using the MSC ...

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9.What is bycatch and how can it be managed?

However, this definition has not been widely adopted. Research by Dirk Zeller, et al point to a figure of around 10% instead. Meanwhile, a UN FAO report (2018) cites a figure of 9.4%. Fishing activity ...

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10.What is Car Loan hypothecation?

What does Car Loan hypothecation mean? What is Car Loan “hypothecation ... After paying all the EMIs, ask your bank for a no objection certificate (NOC). This document will state that no dues are ...

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11.What is 3D Audio? The immersive audio feature explained

But what is it and what does it entail for you ... Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and MPEG-H are some of the main 3D audio standards, using object-based technologies to mix and render the sound to give ...

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1.The Undertaker

stint in the mid-card as "Mean" Mark Callous, before joining the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) in 1990. Calaway was rebranded as "The Undertaker" Undertaker

2.Down These Mean Streets

decision to go to the South, sustains that Piri does so in order to know “what’s shaking” or what is happening down there. His trip to the South would have These Mean Streets