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1.CNN Plus realizes no one wants it, will shut down April 30

The decision to shut down CNN Plus comes less than a month after the new streaming news service was launched by WarnerMedia ...

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2.CNN’s new streaming service, CNN Plus, is already shutting down

CNN's new parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery, decided to pull the plug on the streaming service after a slow first month.

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3.CNN Plus is shutting down already

This all, unsurprisingly, has a lot to do with the complicated web of WarnerMedia and Discovery’s myriad streaming services, ...

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4.CNN+ 'lasted 3 Scaramuccis' while CNN Ukraine coverage 'gets beat by wars from 80 years ago': Concha

With the failure of CNN+, Joe Concha said its tenure is comparable to that of the Trump White House career of Anthony ...

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5.Fox News Hosts Celebrate Demise of CNN+: ‘What a Rolling Calamity!’

The panel of Fox News’ Outnumbered spiked the football on Thursday over the streaming service CNN+ soon shuttering.

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6.CNN, Plus or Minus: The news network’s new streaming platform is dead, and that’s okay

It wasn't hard to see this day coming on the day CNN+ was announced. It didn't take blowing hundreds of millions of dollars to figure it out.

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7.CNN Shutting Down Next Week, Making It The Shortest Lived Streaming Service Ever

CNN had spent big money to lure Kasie Hunt over from NBC and Chris Wallace from Fox News to host shows on CNN+. It’s unclear what will happen with them right now, but they’ll likely do some shows on ...

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8.CNN takes a $100 million step into streaming today

CNN Plus will stream as many as a dozen brand-new ... In those moments of transition and upheaval, interesting things can happen.” Morse, who also serves as chief digital officer for CNN ...

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9.CNN Plus Brings Your Favorite Original Content To Your Favorite Streaming Device

Today CNN launched CNN Plus, its new streaming service that aims to deliver daily headlines in addition to deep dives into specific issues and topics. Currently, CNN Plus is available on both iOS ...

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10.On GPS: What will happen next in Mariupol?

CNN correspondent Matt Rivers joins Fareed Zakaria to discuss the latest on the war in Ukraine, as Russia's brutal assault on ...

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11.Lee plays defense over criticism that his Meadows texts show he obscured what he knew about efforts to overturn 2020 election

Republican Sen. Mike Lee is defending himself against criticism that he obscured what he knew about efforts to overturn the ...

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12.See what happened at a Russian rapper's protest concert

CNN's Jomana Karadsheh goes to a concert in Istanbul, Turkey, organized by Russian rapper Oxxxymiron in order to raise funds for Ukraine. New Day CNN's Jomana Karadsheh goes to a concert in ...

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