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1.What is Anonymous? How the infamous ‘hacktivist’ group went from 4chan trolling to launching cyberattacks on Russia

The "hacktivist" group Anonymous has been around for nearly two decades, and no one knows who's behind it. Here's what you ...

From : CNBC on

2.Seven ways Anonymous is trying to undermine Putin from ‘government website hacks to streaming war footage on Russian TV’

HACKING group Anonymous has been taking shots at Russian President Vladimir Putin since the invasion of Ukraine. The group ...

From : The Sun

3.Confirmed: Anonymous Hacks Central Bank of Russia; Leaks 28GB of Data

One of the Anonymous affiliate groups going by the Twitter handle of @Thblckrbbtworld has leaked 28GB worth of Central Bank ...

From : hackread

4.Cyber Snipers: Anonymous Claims to Have Hacked Russia's Central Bank, Threatens to Release Secret Papers

The bank's press department, however, told a Russian news agency that information concerning a probable hacking attack on any ...

From : CNN-News18 on

5.Anonymous claims it has hacked Russia's Central Bank and will 'release 35,000 files with secret agreements in 48 hours'

The collective revealed their latest action in a Twitter post last night after a series of other hacks to disrupt the Kremlin since the invasion of Ukraine began last month.

From : Daily Mail

6.Anonymous claims hack on Russia’s Central Bank and will ‘release secret agreements in 48 hours’

Hacking group Anonymous has claimed an attack on Russia’s Central Bank. In a post on Twitter, an account representing the ...

From : Yahoo

7.'Cheer mom' accused of sending anonymous texts to parents about girls' behavior found guilty

Prosecutors backed off their earlier claim that alleged Raffaela Spone created at least one image with 'deep fake' technology. But said she still harassed.

From : NBC News

8.Nestle says Anonymous is spouting rubbish

It never hacked us, we accidentally leaked the information  Choccy maker Nestle claims that Anonymous is "full of it" after ...

From : Fudzilla

9.Anonymous claims it has HACKED central bank of Russia and threatens to release files and secret agreements in 48hrs

ANONYMOUS has claimed to have hacked Russia’s central bank while threatening to release thousands of secret agreement ...

From : The Sun

10.Anonymous say they've hacked Russia's central bank and threaten to release secret docs

Anonymous claim they have hacked Russia's central bank in the latest attack in their "all out war" against Vladimir Putin. We ...

From : The Mirror

11.Anonymous woman rents ten tuxedos for Mississippi Co. students

Two Rivercrest High School Seniors will now enjoy their prom thanks to an anonymous donation of free tuxedo rentals.

From : KAIT on

Wikipedia sayings about anonymous

1.Cocaine Anonymous

Cocaine Anonymous (C.A.) is a twelve-step program formed in 1982 for people who seek recovery from drug addiction. It is patterned very closely after Anonymous

2.Anonymous (2011 film)

Anonymous is a 2011 period drama film directed by Roland Emmerich and written by John Orloff. The film is a fictionalized version of the life of Edward (2011 film)