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1.How to deal with a narcissist when you can’t avoid them, according to a psychologist

So, how do you deal with a narcissist you can’t avoid? One that is so firmly cemented in your life that you feel your only ...

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2.How CAN this be a green scheme? It's some of Britain's most fertile land - yet there's a plan to cover 2,800 acres of it with ugly solar panels... locals are in up…

If proposals currently being considered go through, compulsory purchase orders could be used to turn this green land into ...

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3.7 Uncomfortable Signs You're In An 'Almost' Relationship That Won't Work Out

You've been dating someone exclusively for several months. The person you're dating has some wonderful qualities, and you ...

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4.Can’t Miss Episode of the Week: ‘The Gilded Age’ Series Premiere

Set in New York City in 1882, 'The Gilded Age' is just as sumptuous and comforting as 'Downton Abbey,' and includes a stellar ...

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5.3 of the most mysterious missing persons cases in Indiana that you’ve never heard of

Lauren Spierer is only one of the 1,200+ people missing in Indiana. Less prominent cases include Frank Giza, Kevin Nguyen and ...

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6.My friend met his wife on Twitter. If it wasn’t for voice notes, they might never have clicked

Voice messages provide the intimacy and sensory richness of a phone call without the burden of an immediate response ...

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7.Going out clubbing tonight? Why don’t you try it sober?

I stand by that sober: that song is good enough to listen to five times in a row.’ And then, ‘Oh God, I’m going to be in one ...

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8.Couch to £1k: how to save money you never knew you had

Our free Couch to £1k will help you save money, build lifelong saving habits and improve your financial wellbeing. Join now!

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9.Why Elton John Is ‘Glad’ His Mom Never Met His Kids: ‘She Never Liked Anybody’

Elton John and his mother had a complicated relationship. He shared why he was relieved that she never met his children.

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10.YOU Are The Missing Ingredient

I know you're probably sitting there saying, "the missing ingredient… what does that mean?"  Before I tell you you should know that, that is the slogan for my company, Market Your Message. We help ...

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11.Could you be denied benefits because of your National Insurance? How to check

SOME ELIGIBLE Britons could be denied benefits due to their National Insurance record, but it is important to check what ...

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12.I’m a lip-reading scientist: here’s how I can discuss science with you

Supporting deaf and hard-of-hearing researchers requires thought and planning from colleagues, but science benefits greatly, ...

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Wikipedia sayings about how can you miss someone you never met

1.Thoroughly Modern Millie (musical)

between Miss Dorothy and Jimmy, "I really want to tell her, she's my best friend" followed by "You know we can't". Millie sees Jimmy sneaking out of Miss Dorothy's Modern Millie (musical)


tells him "you can never find time for happiness if you wait for your responsibilities to end, as time slips through your fingers before you even know