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1.Conservatives Are Banning Books From Schools While Whining About 'Cancel Culture'

We haven’t seen or heard of challenges like these probably in the last 40 years,” said Shirley Robinson, executive director ...

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2.Are you mad about banned books? Take action by buying them

"The Bluest Eye" by Toni Morrison was recently banned by a high school. Here’s where you can buy it and more banned books.

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3.Art Spiegelman sees the new ban of his book ‘Maus’ as a ‘red alert’

Art Spiegelman says of his book "Maus" that he never intended to write an educational aid for young-adult readers.

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4.Your View: Banned Books

Among others they banned Hesse, Einstein and Mann, as well as Jews and Socialists in general. Closer to home, the Wentzville school district has decided to likewise ban Toni Morrison's "The Bluest Eye ...

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5.Welcome to a world of unrelenting censorship, where banning books is the business of cancelling culture

By now, we all must have read that a school board in Washington State has banned Harper Lees tale of rape and racial ...

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6.St. Louis groups launch 'banned book program' to distribute challenged books

The program will distribute free copies of "The Bluest Eye" in response to its removal from Wentzville School District ...

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7.All The Fuss Over Banned Books

And to my knowledge, despite the screeching about book burning, not one book has been burned or even banned to the general public in McMinn County. You want little Joey or Buffy to learn about the ...

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8.They're trying to ban 'Maus': Why you should read it and these 30 other challenged books

"Maus," a graphic novel about the Holocaust, was removed by a Tennessee school board. We defend it and 30 more challenged ...

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9.They’re banning books and muzzling teachers in the U.S. Are we immune in Canada?

We have not seen much of this sort of white backlash here in Canada, yet. But it is there, beneath the calm surface.

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10.Opinion | Stop banning books

It’s no argument that books are great tools for education. However, with the recent movement to ban certain books, we need to ...

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11.Banned McMinn Co. Schools Holocaust book gaining popularity

Maus, a graphic novel covering the experiences of a Jewish couple in Nazi Germany is gaining popularity following McMinn ...

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12.St. Louis Area Organization Creates Program to Help Access Banned Books

Book bans are becoming all too frequent around Missouri and the rest of the nation, with Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye as ...

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1.List of most commonly challenged books in the United States

of books banned by governments "Banned & Challenged Books". American Library Association. Retrieved January 26, 2016. "About Banned & Challenged of most commonly challenged books in the United States

2.Nazi book burnings

and spectators. At the meeting places, students threw the pillaged, banned books into the bonfires with a great joyous ceremony that included live music book burnings