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Christmas is everywhere and by comparison, Hanukkah is, well, more circumspect, but I learned to make latkes, play dreidel with my girls …


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1.38 Chanukah Trivia Questions & Answers : Festivals and Holidays

From Quiz: Chanukah. Question by author avromf. 5 Outside of Israel, the four sides of a dreidel are inscribed with the letters Nun, Gimmel, Hey and Shin, mnemonics for the phrase 'Nes Gadol Hayah ...

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2.Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel! Learn about the traditional Hanukkah game

On Friday, Dec. 8, 2017, Rabbi Howard Buechler of the Dix Hills Jewish Center discussed the history of the dreidel, while Debbie Brandell displayed her dreidel collection. Credit: Newsday / Yeong ...

From : Newsday

3.Chanukah Trivia Questions : Page 2

It was against Antiochus IV that the Macabbees rebelled. From Quiz: Chanukah. Question by author avromf. 17 The letters on the four faces of a dreidel not only remind players of the origin of the ...

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4.New York Times crossword puzzle

Christina Iverson, of Ames, Iowa, is a crossword constructor with two young children. She has been making puzzles for The Times since 2019. Christina says she aims to make puzzles that are fun and ...

From : Hastings Tribune

5.Always look on the bright side of life

Entertainment-wise, the choices Canadians had a century ago were somewhat limited. If you were a kid you could perhaps play with a dreidel, hang out with your Raggedy Anne doll or maybe play Lincoln ...

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6.God Squad

Some people believe that the evil that befalls us is caused by our own sins and that our blessings are caused by our own virtues.

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7.A Week In Brooklyn, NY, On A $50,000 Salary

Net Worth:-$11,700 ($6,500 in a high-yield savings account, $14,000 in my 403(b) now, and about $2,000 in my Roth IRA minus student debt) Debt: $34,207 ...

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Wikipedia sayings about letter on a dreidel crossword

1.Lesléa Newman

Illustrated by Karen RItz. Henry Holt and Company. April 17, 2007. Runaway Dreidel! Illustrated by Krysten Broker. Square Fish. October 2, 2007. Daddy, Papaéa Newman