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1.Vietnam’s Post-1975 Agrarian Reforms: How local politics derailed socialist agriculture in southern Vietnam

Vietnam has long been primarily an agrarian country. Land has always been an essential source of livelihoods ... 75), Vietnam inherited a devastated economy, society and ecology. Rural destruction in ...

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2.WMC ownership and control of our economy has to change - NDZ

It calls for radical agrarian ... abroad by South African based corporates is on the rise. We have no doubt that a radical restructuring of the unacceptable inequalities and skewed pro-white power ...

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3.The Cambridge History of Latin America

LOOKING AT NATIONAL SYSTEMS OF INNOVATION FROM THE SOUTH. Industry and Innovation, Vol. 7, Issue. 1, p. 55. Schincariol, Vitor Eduardo 2015. Ten Years of Economic Recovery in Argentina (2003–2013): An ...

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4.Industrial revolution

It gave us the engine, it gave us a global economy. The Industrial ... All these things were essential to creating the large, production and manufacturing based Industrial Revolution. The “Agrarian ...

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5.Opinion: Industrialisation Or Imperialism? Three 4IR Policy Considerations That Can Change The Face Of Africa

4IR has to be a matter of national agenda; national economic and political sovereignty ... created and expanded a chasm between agrarian-based economies and the nascent industrialising ones ...

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6.Farmers mobilisation in the backdrop of an agrarian crisis

This is also due to the fact that contract farming in India involves numerous wrongs done to farmers, notably unilateral contractual agreements (in favour of the contracting agency), late payments, ...

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7.Greening the World Economy through Cities

Overall, through the preservation of surrounding agricultural and forest land (for example, by combining agrarian ... economy are those not captured directly by the market or prices, such as ecosystem ...

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8.History of Nigerian economic policies

Rather they set up parastatals like Western Nigeria Development Corporation, much unlike the private Chaebols promoted in South Korea ... wealth beyond the agrarian economy.

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9.Employment Opportunities Critical to Uganda's Economic Growth

As it is for other countries around the world, jobs are essential for Uganda’s development because they determine the living standards of individuals and households, support economic transformation, ...

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10.Sri Lankans wish for success of green agriculture policy – President

All Sri Lankans who inherit a culture based on an agrarian economy look forward to Thai Pongal with great respect,” he said.

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11.Duterte vetoes budget provision sparing SUC lands from agrarian reform

President Rodrigo Duterte has vetoed the exclusion of lands owned and occupied by the state colleges and universities (SUCs) from the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) under the P5.024 ...

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Wikipedia sayings about what was essential to the agrarian based economy of the south?

1.Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

these out of concern of too much power for the South, because representation in the new Congress would be based on population in contrast to the one-vote-for-one-state Amendment to the United States Constitution


based in swampy areas, used a combination of agriculture and fishing to forge a "hidden economy" and secure survival. The relative self-reliance of these