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1.Neil Young Threatens To Leave Spotify: “They can have Rogan or Young. Not both”

In a since-deleted open letter on his website, Neil Young instructed his manager and record label to remove his music from ...

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2.Neil Young Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is Against Joe Rogan and Spotify

The rock legend is taking his music off the streaming service because Rogan is providing a platform for vaccine ...

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3.Neil Young Threatens To Pull His Music From Spotify Over Joe Rogan’s COVID ‘Disinformation’

Apparently, public health specialists aren’t the only ones who are fed up with Spotify’s relationship with popular podcaster ...

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4.Neil Young Demands Spotify Get Rid of Joe Rogan

Rock and roll legend Neil Young has put the bosses at Spotify on notice that if they want to keep playing his classics, ...

From : Los Angeles Magazine

5.Neil Young threatens to pull songs from Spotify over Joe Rogan podcast

Neil Young has threatened to remove his music from Spotify because he believes the streaming company enables podcaster Joe ...

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6.Opinion: It's Neil Young's free world, not Joe Rogan's

In telling Spotify they can't have him or podcaster Joe Rogan (but not both) as part of a stand against misinformation, Neil ...

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7.Neil Young reportedly fights Spotify over Rogan and COVID

The veteran rocker fired off a public missive to his management on Monday, demanding that they remove his music from Spotify ...

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8.Neil Young says Spotify has to choose between his music or Joe Rogan's podcast

Neil Young says Spotify must choose between his music or hosting Joe Rogan's podcast, which he accuses of spreading COVID-19 ...

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9.Neil Young wants Spotify to pull his music because of Joe Rogan's vaccine misinformation on platform

The legendary rocker accuses the music platform of "spreading fake information about vaccines," calling out popular podcast ...

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10.Neil Young gives Spotify an ultimatum: It’s Joe Rogan or my music

Neil Young has just reportedly presented his record label and Spotify with an ultimatum: Either get rid of Joe Rogan’s podcast or remove Young’s music from the platform. The singer and ...

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11.Neil Young Tells Spotify To Remove Vaccine Misinformation Or Lose His Music

Neil Young has given Spotify an ultimatum: remove vaccine misinformation or stand to lose the Neil Young catalogue. Young ...

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12.Neil Young to Spotify: Get rid of Joe Rogan’s podcast or I pull my music

Neil Young has demanded that Spotify remove his music because the streaming service spreads “fake information about ...

From : KIRO-TV

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1.Down by the River (Neil Young song)

the River" is a song composed by Neil Young. It was first released on his 1969 album with Crazy Horse, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere. Young explained by the River (Neil Young song)

2.Neil Young: Heart of Gold

Neil Young: Heart of Gold is a 2006 American documentary/concert film by Jonathan Demme, featuring Neil Young. It documents Young's premiere of his songs Young: Heart of Gold