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1.Wordle: Best Starting Words To Use And Other Game Tips

If you prefer a list of the best first words for Wordle, we recommend starting any given day with these. If you'd rather hear ...

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2.Answering Questions No One Asked: What is the best Wordle first word?

I had some time while some code was running so I thought I'd do a rough and dirty look at what the "best" first word to ...

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3.A bot tried to ruin Wordle by posting the next day’s answer. Twitter suspended the account.

The @wordlinator account appeared to automatically reply to tweets sharing results with a snarky message and the next answer ...

From : Washington Post

4.What is the best Wordle guess to start with? Top strategies revealed

What was once a fun way to waste five minutes has now turned into an obsessive daily IQ test, all within the confines of five ...

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5.How To Win At Wordle: Tips And Tricks To Succeed At The Viral Puzzle Game

Wordle, the word-puzzle game sensation from developer Josh Wardle, has taken the internet by storm. I’ve already written an ...

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6.The Wordle craze: Why do we love puzzles, and are they good for our brains?

Like a Scrabble habit, a passion for Wordle isn’t likely to make you smarter or ward off brain aging. But it may give you a ...

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7.Let Us Now Praise Wordle, Which Asks Very Little Of Us

I appreciate the small joy of a little morning ritual that isn’t mindless, but is low-stakes in pretty much every way ...

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8.Today’s ‘Wordle’ Word Of The Day Answer #220: Tuesday, January 25th

Yesterday’s word was really, really tough and I think quite a few people had a hard time solving it. I know it came down to ...

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9.‘The only pure thing right now’: alleged Wordle copycats criticised for monetising free game

The creator of the viral word game has pledged to keep it completely free – but a host of since-removed apps have been ...

From : The Guardian

10.Stuck on a specific Wordle? These tools will help

If you absolutely need them, there are tools to help with the daily Wordle. Here are our favorite ones. The latest internet ...

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11.The wonder of Wordle: Guessing a five-letter word is easy, right?

My Facebook feed has been taken over by tiny grids of gray, gold and green squares. These are just people showing off their ...

From : Dallas Morning News

12.Regina man mistaken for inventor of Wordle fielding flood of emails, CNN interview request

At first, Josh Wardle thought the text message from the American news channel CNN asking him for an interview was a scam.

From : Yahoo News

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1.Glossary of Dorset dialect words

These are some words which are unique to the Dorset dialect, spoken in Dorset in the West Country of England. Dorset dialect Newton (2014), p. 7. Newton of Dorset dialect words

2.Vestments controversy

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