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The arrest report didn’t name the victim, but Florida Sen. Lauren Book, whose district includes part of Broward County, released a statement Thursday saying the threatening messages had been sent to her. “Three weeks ago, I became the victim of ongoing sexual harassment and extortion,” Book said.

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1.Lauren Book: Florida state senator reveals hacker has been selling her stolen nude photos online since 2000

After years of healing and building a life, including running a non-profit to help abuse victims, getting married, having ...

From : The Independent

2.Florida Senator Lauren Book Fighting Back Over Nude Images Stolen From Her

State Sen. Lauren Book is fighting back after learning that nude images stolen from her have been bought and traded online ...

From : YAHOO!News

3.Who is Florida State Senator Lauren Book?

OVER the years, Lauren Book has been very open and honest about her past, but she has not let it define who she is today. In ...

From : The Sun

4.Florida State Senator Pushes Bill to Make Purchasing or Selling Revenge Porn a Felony

Senator Lauren Book said she has encountered cyberstalking and extortion threats after images of her were stolen and leaked ...

From : Newsweek

5.Florida senator Lauren Book slams ‘sick’ teens who stole her nude photos after she was ‘raped by her nanny as a child’

FLORIDA Senator Lauren Book ripped sick teens who stole her nude photos from her phone years after being raped by her nanny ...

From : The Sun

6.Florida senator fights back over nude images stolen from her

Now after years of working hard to heal herself and restore her life — running a non-profit to help victims, getting married, ...

From : Miami Herald

7.State Senator Lauren Book Wants To Make Revenge Porn a Felony After Being a Victim of It Herself

Florida state senator Lauren Book has a very compelling reason to make revenge porn a felony in her home state: She herself ...

From : Yahoo

8.Lauren Book: Florida senator fights back over nude images stolen from her

I hate that this happened to me,” Book told The Associated Press in an interview. “I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it ...

From : WFLA

9.Florida Sen. Lauren Book fights back over nude images stolen from her

During the investigation, the Broward County Democrat, 37, learned that the images had been bought and traded online since ...

From : Tampa Bay Times

10.Florida state senator pushes bill against digital sex crimes after becoming a victim once again

A Florida senator who survived a traumatizing experience wants to turn her pain into purpose to help others after becoming ...

From : 7News Miami

11.Florida State Senator Lauren Book pushing for new law after being threatened with extortion over nude images stolen from her

Florida State Senator Lauren Book often has told the story about how she was sexually abused by her nanny for six years when she was a child. She channeled the pain into a lifetime of helping other ...

From : CBS News

12.Florida Sen. Lauren Book fights back over nude images stolen from her

Someone tried to extort Florida Sen. Lauren Book by threatening to reveal nude photos that were stolen from her. She is seeking a new law to prevent others from being victimized.

From : NBC News

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Manny Díaz Jr. (born March 2, 1973) is a Republican member of the Florida Senate, representing the 36th district, which encompasses the Hialeah area in Díaz Jr.

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