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1.The Physics of Death (and What Happens to Your Energy When You Die)

Even though it’s ... the body during decomposition — the process by which cells and tissues begin to break down post mortem — are bad enough. But what if instead of looking at death ...

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2.Bloating: The problem when pooping that can act as a trigger for the condition

More info You know what it’s like after a big meal or ... Constipation may be a cause of bloating. This is because the longer waste stays in your body, gas builds up and subsequently rises ...

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3.Stomach bloating: How to get rid after Christmas dinner - reduce pain as soon as possible

It will happen when you eat foods that react with you (causing very short-term bloating), or you overindulge. "People often mistake bloating with simply putting on body fat, and or eating a lot in ...

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4.What a nutritionist eats to de-bloat after an indulgent weekend

Ever wondered what a nutrition expert does when the dreaded bloat hits ... Plus, like water, the green stuff will help flush the extra fluid out of your body. Though I try to steer clear of refined ...

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5.Face to face with a perfectly preserved dinosaur that looks like it was alive yesterday

Borealopelta was built like ... body cavity.” In the water, the rest was simple physics. “That bloated body, with the soft belly and dense back, causes it to flip over,” says Henderson ...

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6.The #1 Snack to Eat to Help Decrease Inflammation, According to a Dietitian

Luckily for us, there are several lifestyle factors that can help tamp down inflammation. Managing stress, staying active and ...

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7.What does future warfare look like? It's here already

All of this at a time when Russian forces are massing on Ukraine's borders, Moscow has been demanding Nato withdraw from some of its ... what does the future of great-power warfare look like ...

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8.The Gilded Age review: A glossy but bloated American Downton Abbey

Set in 19th-century New York, Julian Fellowes’ new offering is as lavish and watchable as you’d expect – but lacking the ...

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9.RSPCA appeal after two dead puppies dumped by side of Leeds and Liverpool Canal

The RSPCA are investigating after the dead bodies of two puppies were discovered at the side of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

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10.Naruto Cliffhanger Sees Kawaki Fulfilling Deadly Vow With Boruto

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has Kawaki make sure that he indeed fulfilled his major promise to his brother Boruto with ...

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11.These Are The Cars You Wanted Dead In 2021

Is the Nissan GT-R finally dead ... it’s stupid looking and always has been. The Jeep Renegade is, unfortunately, probably the closest thing America will get to a modern Suzuki Samurai. Does ...

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1.Lori Grimes

breaks down. He races to the boiler room, and sees a bloated walker that he believes ate Lori's body, and stabs it over and over. Rick starts having hallucinations Grimes


death and survival a secret for the rest of their lives. In the final scene, Ed awakens, startled by a nightmare in which a bloated hand rises from the