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A full 2 billion years before the Cambrian explosion, back in the Archean eon, Earth had hardly any of the air we breathe now. Algae had begun to use photosynthesis to produce oxygen, but much of that oxygen was consumed by iron …

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1.A Cambrian Explosion of innovation and creativity

Until, during a relatively short period of accelerated development ... This period has become known as the Cambrian Explosion. While the detail of this ‘explosion’ is still subject to ongoing debate, ...

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2.Cambrian rocks

While there is general agreement on the point in time picked for the beginning of the Cambrian Period, the ensuing 55–56 million years of Cambrian time has yet to be completely settled. The ICS has ...

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3.Eyes on the prize: the evolution of vision

We can’t pinpoint precisely when it happened, but we can estimate ... see it as evidence that eyes sparked the Cambrian explosion. 'The evolution of eyes could certainly have triggered an arms race ...

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4.Ordovician radiation

While every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies. Please refer to the appropriate style manual or other sources if you have any questions.

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5.The Top 5 Technology Trends for 2022: The Year of Decentralisation

By Dr. Mark Van Rijmenam Last year, I coined 2021 the Year of Digitalism as I foresaw the increase of corporate and ...

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6.Mum's mission to be reunited with daughter she was separated from almost 60 years ago

A family is desperately searching for a baby girl separated from her mother almost 60 years ago. Catherine Rose Devaney was given up for adoption shortly after her birth on February 7, 1963.

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7.Penny for the guys: What happened to the Gunpowder Plot conspirators?

Inside the vault, Knevett’s men uncovered thirty-six barrels of gunpowder, which during the opening of parliament that ... After his capture (which some accounts say happened in the cellar, others ...

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8.House Explosion

1 Injured In House Explosion In Oak GroveThe explosion happened at a residence on the 4400 block of 214th Avenue Northwest. Silver Township House Explosion Leaves 2 InjuredOn Tuesday evening ...

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9.What happened when we put the ultimate German festive cookbook to the test

Everyone goes on about the palaver of the turkey come December 25, but some of the best festive cooking at this time of year is actually spent in the run-up to the big day. Making the Yule log ...

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10.Blast in Karachi's Shershah leaves 16 dead, more than a dozen injured

"A clearer picture of what happened ... when the blast took place. He said he saw a few people fall into the nullah underneath the building when the blast took place. During the rescue and search ...

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11.Cambrian College will proceed with winter semester as planned

The winter semester at Cambrian College will begin on Jan. 10 as planned, said a COVID-19 update posted to the college’s website on Tuesday. “As you are aware, the COVID-19 situation in Ontario has ...

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12.What happened with the Booktopia (ASX:BKG) share price today?

Shares in Booktopia Group Ltd (ASX: BKG) have had a mixed day today after the company announced a collaboration with an international publisher. Booktopia has entered into a publishing and ...

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Wikipedia sayings about what happened during the cambrian explosion?

1.History of life

originated about 525 Ma during the Cambrian explosion. During the Permian period, synapsids, including the ancestors of mammals, dominated the land, but most of of life

2.Stephen C. Meyer

Prothero cites paleontologist B.S. Lieberman that the rates of evolution during the 'Cambrian explosion' were typical of any adaptive radiation in life's C. Meyer