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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) files Cloture on two voting rights bills--the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. A vote is scheduled for Thursday.

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1.Mitch McConnell said Black people show up to vote just as much as 'Americans' after the voting rights bill failed in the Senate

"McConnell's comments suggesting African Americans aren't fully American wasn't a Freudian slip — it was a dog whistle," Rep.

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2.Voting rights and Senate wrongs

Manchin and Sinema do not represent the position of most Democrats, or the position of most Americans more broadly.

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3.Senate Republicans unanimously vote down voting rights legislation, teeing up a fight over the filibuster

The vote was a major setback for Senate Democratic leaders, who now face a difficult uphill battle to change the chamber's ...

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4.Democrats' voting rights bill dies in Senate

Democrats were unable to pass their landmark voting reform legislation in the Senate after two members of their own party ...

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5.Rubio, Scott vote no on bill to expand voting rights; Bill collapses in Senate

The voting rights bill that would have expanded voting registration with automatic and same-day registration collapsed in the ...

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6.Senate Democrats push forward on voting rights legislation, but don't have the votes

Democrats in the Senate face an uphill battle on a number of legislative issues, with Senator Joe Manchin reiterating his ...

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7.Majority Leader Says "Eyes of the Nation Will Be Watching" Senate Vote on Voting Rights

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) files Cloture on two voting rights bills--the Freedom to Vote Act and the John ...

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8.Demos President: Senate Failure on Voting Rights Bill Giant Step Backward for Democracy

Demos President Taifa Smith Butler issued the following statement on the Senate’s failure to reform the rules and advance t:  “Our lawmakers have made themselves clear. The American people have 48 ...

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9.Senate Republicans use a filibuster to block voting legislation

Democrat's are decrying the use of the filibuster to block voting rights legislation in Washington.A package of legislation ...

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10.Senators McConnell and Schumer on Changing Filibuster Rules for Voting Rights Bill

While debating a filibuster rule change after a vote to advance voting rights legislation failed to meet the 60-vote ...

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11.Rep. Jamaal Bowman Arrested Alongside Activists Protesting For Voting Rights

Over two dozen young people and faith leaders on a hunger strike were also arrested while protesting lawmakers’ failure to ...

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12.Schumer insists failed votes on elections and filibuster were the right thing to do

The Senate Majority leader downplayed the risks of holding such a public demonstration of the rift within his caucus ahead of ...

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1.Republican efforts to restrict voting following the 2020 presidential election

voting (Senate Bill 485). On February 19, 2021, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis introduced a slate of voting proposals focused largely on making vote-by-mail efforts to restrict voting following the 2020 presidential election

2.Filibuster in the United States Senate

debate in the Senate by a simple majority vote. Thus, the minority could extend debate on a bill indefinitely by holding the floor of the Senate, preventing in the United States Senate