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1.Can you repeat letters on Wordle? Game rules explained

Wordle is the internet's latest obsession, and with over 300,000 people playing it daily (according to The New York Times) it ...

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2.Here’s Everything To Know About How Wordle Uses Letters In Its Daily Puzzle

The game on everyone’s mind right now is Wordle. Some people are wondering if Wordle uses repeat letters, plurals, or past ...

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3.The Math of Winning Wordle: From Letter Distribution to First-Word Strategies

From letter distribution to first-word strategies, we analyze Wordle word lists for patterns and come up with tips for ...

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4.How to cheat and Wordle – and tips on how to legitimately win

The world has gone Wordle crazy and if you are struggling with winning it, here's how to cheat - we won't tell if you don't!

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5.Why You Can’t Resist Wordle

Wordle has a minimalist Web site—no ads or social-media icons, just the game—and a clunky URL. It looks like an artifact of ...

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6.How to cheat at Wordle

The answers to upcoming Wordle puzzles are hidden right in plain sight. Here's how to hack Wordle to discover them, as well ...

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7.Wordle Word Today: What Is the Answer for Game 215?

What is the answer for Wordle game 215, which dropped on January 20, 2022? Keep reading if you want the solution. If you want ...

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8.Seven Wordle strategies that will help you win every day

Wordle certainly isn't easy, and guessing that word often involves some serious thought. Here are seven strategies to help ...

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9.Wordle starter words for the win

What five-letter word can you put in the Wordle matrix as your first guess? Here are some ideas for Wordle starter words that ...

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10.Wordle words: Best five-letter words to check your vowels

WORDLE has become an online sensation, with many users logging on everyday to improve their scores, guess the word and share ...

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11.Wordle developer donates in-app spend to charity

The developer of a game with the same name as smash hit Wordle has donated money made from his app to charity, after people ...

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12.Wordle trend: Brands create memes, promos inspired by viral word game

Social media pages of brands joined in the trend of an online word game that recently gained popularity as the world welcomed ...

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1.Mastermind (board game)

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