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1.We're All Getting Free N95 Masks, With a Catch

Some governments in other parts of the world have been providing free tests and masks for a while. The U. S. just got on ...

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2.You can get free N95 masks next week—here's where to find them

These masks aren’t always easy to find. While the supply of N95s — which filter out at least 95% of air particles — has ...

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3.You Can Start Getting Free N95 Masks As Early As Next Week

On Wednesday, the Biden administration announced that it will make 400 million N95 face masks available free of charge to ...

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4.How to Get Free N95 Masks From the Government

Beginning next week, the Biden administration will start distributing 400 million free N95 masks. Here’s everything we know ...

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5.Free N95 Masks: Where To Get Them In Hermosa Beach

California residents will be able to pick up free N95 masks at the same places they got vaccinated against COVID-19.

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6.White House says it will distribute 400 million free N95 masks to protect against omicron

The administration is struggling to clearly communicate what type of masks people should be wearing amid a surge of omicron ...

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7.How To Get Free N95 Masks In Livermore

LIVERMORE, CA – Livermore residents will soon be able to obtain up to three free N95 masks for themselves, thanks to an ...

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8.Here's how to get free N95 masks from the government, starting next week

The Trump administration considered and shelved plans to use national stockpiles to give N95 masks to Americans. President ...

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9.How To Get Free N95 Masks In Watsonville

Watsonville residents will be able to get up to three N95 masks for free. See where and when you can get yours.

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10.U.S. to distribute 400 million free N95 masks at CVS, Walgreens in COVID fight

The U.S. government will make 400 million non-surgical "N95" masks from its strategic national stockpile available for free ...

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11.How to get free N95 masks from the government starting next week

Americans will soon be able to get free N95 masks, which provide the best protection, far more than cloth masks, through a ...

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12.U.S. to Distribute 400M Free N95 Masks at CVS, Walgreens in Covid Fight

The U.S. government will make 400 million non-surgical "N95" masks from its strategic national stockpile available ...

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