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1.WORDLE: Guessing a five-letter word is easy, right?

Wordle is a free word game where participants have to guess a five-letter word. There are only six guesses to try to figure ...

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2.When a five-year-old app called Wordle blew up, its creator donated the proceeds

Wordle has become one of the breakout games of the year. And its success has given a boost to a five-year-old iOS app called ...

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3.Wordle up: Online word game is viral brain teaser

Mary Briggs calls herself a “wordy.” “I just love words,” said Briggs, of North Huntingdon. “I have always been an avid ...

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4.What is Wordle? All you need to know about the latest viral game

Online word game Wordle has blown up since its launch toward the end of 2021. But what is Wordle, where can you find it and ...

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5.It Only Took A Single Tweet From Jimmy Fallon To Make Wordle A Massive Hit

It’s like Wheel of Fortune had a baby with Scrabble, except that the twist here is you only see one puzzle per day.

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6.Psychology experts explain the sudden obsession with Wordle, a simple word game that has taken over the internet

Wordle has become the first viral moment of 2022. Experts say it's down to a combination of timing, functionality, and ...

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7.Are you hooked on Wordle? Why the daily word puzzle is proving to be so popular

Players have up to six attempts to guess the five-letter word of the day, with Wordle offering feedback after every try. If ...

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8.What the Tech? Wordle

If you've been on Facebook or Twitter in the last couple of weeks, you've seen posts with boxes of green and letter colors.

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9.What the Tech? App of the Day: Wordle

Your goal is to guess the Wordle word of the day. Enter guesses using the online keyboard, you’re looking for yellow and ...

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10.Everyone Wants to Be Wordle

Wordle went from a gift to an internet sensation, and now everyone wants in. In the span of three months, Wordle went from a ...

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11.The real beauty of Wordle is how its emoji results tell a story

As I did, I realized why the game’s auto-generated grids of emoji are so brilliant. It’s not just that they’re social (though ...

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12.NTUC FairPrice ups its marketing game with Wordle fun

A supermarket has gotten in on the word nerd game that’s swept the internet to promote deals on its groceries.NTUC FairPrice ...

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1.Video game clone

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