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1.Who betrayed Anne Frank? What happened to the WWII diarist as Arnold van den Berg identified as new suspect

A new investigation has identified a suspect who may have betrayed Anne Frank and her family to the Nazis. Frank’s diary is ...

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2.Anne Frank may have been betrayed by Jewish notary

Book claims to have solved mystery over who gave away family’s hiding place during second world war ...

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3.Anne Frank ‘likely betrayed by Jewish businessman who handed address to Nazis’

Anne Frank was ‘very likely’ betrayed by a Jewish businessman who was trying to ‘save his own family’, a cold case ...

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4.Investigating who betrayed Anne Frank and her family to the Nazis

A retired FBI special agent and a team of investigators believe they've solved one of the world's most well-known and tragic ...

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5.An FBI agent says he believes he knows who betrayed Anne Frank and her family to the Nazis

Investigators believe a prominent Jewish businessman who was on the Nazi's Jewish council tipped them off to help save his ...

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6.Searching for Anne Frank’s betrayer, 80 years on

When my Auntie Ruth turned up for school on Monday July 3, 1942, one of her school mates was missing. It wasn’t an unusual ...

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7.A Strong New Lead in ‘The Betrayal of Anne Frank’

Rosemary Sullivan’s new book chronicles the emergence of a new suspect who might have informed the authorities of Frank’s ...

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8.Mystery Of Who Betrayed Anne Frank Could Finally Be Uncovered

Investigators believe they may have finally identified the person responsible for betraying Anne Frank and her family to the Nazis. A cold case team led by a former FBI agent has revealed that the ...


9.Cold case team shines new light on betrayal of Anne Frank

A cold case team that combed through evidence for five years in a bid to unravel one of World War II’s enduring mysteries has ...

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10.Who betrayed Anne Frank? Cold case team says it has the answer

The identity of the person who gave away the location of the hiding place has always remained a mystery, despite previous ...

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11.Train derails near LA site of recent wave of cargo thefts

Crews made railroad repairs in Los Angeles Monday after a train derailed near the location where thieves have been raiding ...

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12.What we can't forget when we remember Anne Frank

No accounting of what happened when the Franks sought to emigrate to the United States. No explanation as to why the Roosevelt administration refused to open America’s doors to Anne Frank or ...

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2.35th Academy Awards

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