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1.After the extreme cold, more snow is on the way

The relatively quiet, albeit very cold, weather pattern setting into much of the Midwest and Northeast during the second week ...

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2.How cold does it have to be for schools to close?

Still, it’s good to know – if only for practical reasons – when a school might shut due to cold weather. Is there a minimum temperature a school can be? Or a minimum outside temperature that triggers ...

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3.WATCH: A frigid start to the weekend, how cold does it get?

SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) –Arctic air is settling in as we start the weekend but we will end it on a snowy note FRIDAY NIGHT: ...

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4.Is your heart ready for winter? Tips for protecting yourself during cold weather

Temperature changes physically impact the body, as do changes in routines and less sunlight during winter months.

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5.Snow out, cold in as the weekend arrives

Overall, a benign weather pattern's setting up this weekend and beyond, though temperatures are likely to be all over the ...

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6.Wet Snow Widespread Tonight

We have seen a variety of forms of precipitation today.  Rain, freezing rain, sleet, snow and…graupel.  Most locations have ...

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7.Videocast: Sunshine to light snow

I'd hold off today temperature wise it's gonna be just fine but we could see a little more light snow later this afternoon, ...

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8.4WARN Weather Alert: Cold rain today; snow showers Sunday

STORM WARNING has been issued for much of Middle Tennessee, with the exception being our far Northwest counties, beginning at ...

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9.Sunday late afternoon update: Sleet continues into PM after 4-7 inches snow accumulation

The sleet portion of the winter storm arrived pretty much on time, the changeover sweeping north over the Roanoke and New ...

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10.Sunday midday update: Moderate-heavy snow in Roanoke area next few hours before sleet mixes in

The winter storm is in full force across the region, with snow intensities continuing to steadily increase and many locations ...

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11.WATCH: Triad wakes up to snowfall

Snow is falling across the Piedmont Triad and across western North Carolina. The snow is expected to transition to freezing ...

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12.Video- Extreme Cold Ahead of Wintry Mix

Were tracking first off this morning, dangerous cold as we are seeing windchills as low as 20 below temperature readings in ...

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2.Cold wave

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