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1.What is Wordle? All you need to know about the latest viral game

Online word game Wordle has blown up since its launch toward the end of 2021. But what is Wordle, where can you find it and ...

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2.How to play Wordle, the word game that's becoming an internet obsession

It's the same word each day for everybody, and you can only play once a day. The game was created by software engineer Josh ...

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3.Wordle: Why so many people are obsessed with the new online game

It's been described as a "drug," an "obsession" and a "love story." Wordle, an online vocabulary game, is taking the internet ...

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4.Try This Game If You're Already Too Good at Wordle

Are you too good at Wordle? Of course you are. You know all the strategies: which words to guess first, which vowels to test ...

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5.Wordle: Creator of app with same name has massive download boost

Steven Cravotta has vowed to donate the resulting profits from his five-year-old game to help disadvantaged children ...

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6.Love Wordle? Here's How to Use Math to Dominate Your Friends at the Viral Word Game

For those in the know, you can nearly parse those Wordle grids as a type of language by this point. But how can you use math ...

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7.Here’s What That Engaging And Wildly Popular Game Wordle Can Teach You About AI Self-Driving Cars

An online game known as Wordle has suddenly become a social media darling and everyone is playing, which it turns out there ...

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8.The Fuss About Wordle And Why People Are Going Crazy Over The Online Word Game

Wordle, an online word game is taking over the internet with players posting about their attempts and scores online.

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9.Wordle is the new sensation! Know all about the online game

Wordle is a new sensational online word game that has taken the internet by storm. Here is everything you need to know about ...

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10.Wordle is a web app word game masterpiece that you need to play right now

OK, so maybe you don't need to play Wordle at this very second, but as soon as you finish reading this post I'd highly ...

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11.Wordle clone Absurdle is the same game but harder

If you’re finding Wordle too easy now, Absurdle is a much trickier alternative that changes its secret word with every guess.

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12.'Wordle' Creator on Why He Doesn't Want Users to 'Binge' Or 'Get Addicted' To His Game

In an exclusive interview with Newsweek, the creator of "Wordle" explains his stance on monetization and how he is "wary" of ...

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Wikipedia sayings about what is wordle game

1.Glossary of Dorset dialect words

small burrowing mammal of the family Talpidae Woppen Big, heavy Wopsy Wasp Wordle World Y Yakker Acorn Yis Earthworm Yop Speak rapidly, jabber Z Zeale Sack of Dorset dialect words

2.Vestments controversy

learned man Martyn Bucer, upon these wordes of S. Matthew: woo be to the wordle bycause of offences. Matth. xviii (1566) and The Fortress of Fathers, ernestlie controversy