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1.What does ‘pushin P’ mean? Definition explained

HE’S the rap superstar who has just invented his own phrase. Now Gunna has revealed what the meaning of “pushin P” – and given some examples of how to use it. What does ...

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2.What does 🅿️ mean as Gunna releases new track?

American rapper Gunna has just released a new track featuring Young Thug and Future, and he's using a specific emoji to ...

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3.Top Ten Worst Emojis

It disturbs me so much. Probably why I drink Coke more often. Only one use for it; If you have a perverted boi who asks for pics, (which means your not lonely like me) just send him this emoji. No, ...

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4.Top 10 Biggest Problems with The Emoji Movie

The characters all live in a phone and we have a subplot involving a human character whom the emoji characters help out ... punches the character* 9 It's Trying to Hard to Be Mainstream So does every ...

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5.What Does ‘Crypto’ Actually Mean?

The argument and conclusion are laid bare on a red background and the emoticon of incredulity. ‘Crypto’ does not mean cryptocurrency, it means cryptography. A helpful link to a Google search ...

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6.Bob Saget was 'tucked in bed' and died in sleep without suffering, suffered 'heart attack or stroke'

The Full House legend - who passed away aged 65 -  was 'tucked in bed' when his body was discovered Sunday at around 4pm EST ...

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7.Sentiment of Emojis

Does the presence of emojis in tweets have an impact on the human emotional perception of the tweets? We do not draw any causal conclusions, but report the results of two experiments that indicate ...

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8.Intoxicating, insidery and infuriating: everything I learned about Dominic Cummings from his £10-a-month blog

Since he left Downing Street, Boris Johnson’s former adviser has been setting out his worldview – and settling scores – on ...

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9.Relationship expert advises you to embrace dating in 2022

The rules of dating are constantly changing. Discovering a companion or forming a meaningful relationship can be difficult, ...

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10.Social Networking

For example, submitting a post to 15 followers does not have the same effect as ... Taco Bell lobbied for a taco emoji by creating a petition on in 2014. The company spread the word ...

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11.Venmo's most used emoji of 2021 isn't what you'd expect

In 2021, one emoji ruled Venmo descriptions far and wide ... None of us knew how much it would change the world. Jan. 9, 2022, 7 p.m. "Full self driving," of course, does not mean the car can actually ...

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1.List of Google Easter eggs

from the Star Wars series. "suez canal" or "ever given" showed an emoji of a boat scrolling across the top of the screen, referencing the ending of the 2021 of Google Easter eggs


applied both online, often using the "hand clap" emoji, and in person. Applause Chest physiotherapy The Clapper Clapper (musical instrument) Clapping game