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1.Manual Toyota Supra locked in for 2022 – report

The Japanese sports car could be offered with a third pedal before the end of this year. A six-speed manual transmission ...

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2.Toyota Supra will sprout a manual transmission option this year

Toyota Supra buyers won't be relegated to the choice of only an automatic transmission much longer. Roadshow can confirm the ...

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3.The 2023 Toyota Supra May Come With a Stick Shift

There are rumors that the brand will offer a manual transmission as an alternative to its eight-speed automatic.

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4.2023 Toyota Supra Might Get Manual Transmission Option in the U.S., Rumors Claim

Toyota has yet to offer the fifth-generation Supra, referred to as the GR Supra, with a manual transmission. While the ...

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5.Toyota GR Supra with manual transmission is coming: Report

Back when the news broke out that Toyota was bringing back the Supra nameplate, legions of its fans, car enthusiasts, ...

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6.Toyota Supra With Manual Gearbox Might Be Coming After All, Says Dealer

The Zupra with a clutch pedal could arrive for the 2023 model year. Let's dial our imaginary time machine back to early ...

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7.Toyota Supra might finally get a manual in the U.S.

We're big fans of the Toyota GR Supra, but there's one thing we wish it had - a manual transmission. Here in the U.S. both of ...

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8.Is Toyota About To Offer The Supra With A Six-Speed Manual?

The current Toyota Supra is a good sports car but its use of a BMW powertrain has long rubbed some enthusiasts the wrong way.

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9.2022 Mercedes-AMG SL Verdict, BMW M5 Hybrid, GR Supra Manual Option, 1 Million-Mile Tesla: Your Morning Brief

Plus dyno run proves Subaru's 2022 WRX is more powerful where it matters, and Ringbrothers '70 Charger Hellcat has us ...

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10.Toyota Supra Gearboxs For Sale - Cheap New Supra Car Gearbox

Toyota Supra Gearbox ECU, Toyota Supra Gear Box, Toyota Supra Manual Gearbox, Toyota Supra Automatic Gearbox, Toyota Supra Tiptronic Gearbox, Toyota Supra Sequential Gearbox, Toyota Supra Complete ...

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11.Used Toyota Supra Manual transmission for sale

Today, online shopping is very in demand. You can now purchase almost anything without going out of your house and you won't have to deal with the frustrating traffic. You can have anything you want ...

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12.2021 Toyota GR Supra 2.0 First Test: Supra or Subpar?

We wondered if this would be the case with the 2021 Toyota GR Supra 2.0, the entry-level version of Toyota's recently ...

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Wikipedia sayings about supra manual transmission

1.Toyota Celica

released. This was basically a GT coupe with a four-speed automatic transmission, Supra style interior, power windows, upgraded sound system and alloy wheels Celica

2.Toyota Automatic Transmission Fluid

their transmission fluid recommendations: Toyota released the Type T-II ATF High-Performance Fluid Specification for A340Ei in 1993 Turbo Supra and others Automatic Transmission Fluid