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1.What is Wordle? How to play the free viral word game online and the rules explained

The guessing game has taken Twitter by storm with hundreds of thousands of people across the world sharing their results on ...

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2.What is Wordle, the free puzzle game captivating the internet?

Wordle is a simple, shareable brainteaser where you have to guess the right word, and it's gaining a lot of popularity on Twitter.

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3.What is Wordle and why is everyone obsessed with the online game?

Wordle gained immense popularity with over 300,000 people playing to solve the daily puzzle, according to The New York Times.

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4.What is Wordle, how to play it and who made it? Free to play game has almost 500,00 daily users

Attracting millions of weekly users, the puzzle-game has flooded Twitter timelines since its explosion in popularity.

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5.Viral online game Wordle will stay ad-free, no mobile version planned

Josh Wardle told BBC Radio 4 this week that he wants to keep his game simple and never intended for it to get as successful as ...

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6.What Is Wordle, the Word Game People Can’t Stop Playing?

The American public is divided right now, in myriad ways. We’re arguing over the efficacy of a vaccine that is clinically ...

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7.5 best Wordle alternatives while you wait for the next puzzle

One solution is to play another word game while that Wordle timer counts down, but where to start? After all, there are approximately 70 bazillion word games on the Google Play an ...

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8.What is the Wordle game taking over social media and what are its romantic beginnings?

The Wordle game has united the nation—and it started out as a thoughtful gift from an engineer for his partner ...

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9.What is Wordle? How a simple online word game is taking over the world

In Wordle, a new word game, it's one mystery word, six guesses. That’s the basic idea of Wordle, a simple yet addictive online game that’s taking the world by storm. Here's how to play and where you ...

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10.What is Wordle? Here’s why people are so obsessed with this viral daily game

We’ve got you covered with all the information you need to know about the viral game taking social media by storm. Wordle is ...

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11.The Internet’s Sudden Obsession With Wordle, Explained

Wordle is the internet's latest viral obsession. The word game was trending on Twitter the first week of January, with cryptic green and gray square emojis.

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1.Wordle (video game)

Wordle is an online word game developed by Josh Wardle, a programmer from Brooklyn who had previously created the social experiments Place and The Button (video game)

2.Vestments controversy

learned man Martyn Bucer, upon these wordes of S. Matthew: woo be to the wordle bycause of offences. Matth. xviii (1566) and The Fortress of Fathers, ernestlie controversy