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1.What is Wordle? How to play the game that's taking over your social media timeline

Have you seen people sharing rows of colored blocks on social media? It's likely from Wordle, a game that's taking the internet by storm.

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2.What is Wordle, how to play it and why you can only play once a day

Millions of user have played the puzzle-game and boasted of their successes on Twitter timelines since its explosion in ...

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3.Wordle is the perfect pandemic pastime; Here’s how to play

We used to think this pandemic would somehow end in a beautiful moment, a blaze of glory. Now, two years in, we try not to think. Who wants to at this point? The numbers are mind-numbing -- on ...

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4.How to Play Wordle and How to Share Results Without Spoiling

If you want to understand the secret behind it, then you need to first learn how to play Wordle. Word puzzle games are very popular around the world as they are pretty simple and amusing for people of ...

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5.What is Wordle, how to play it and who made it? Free to play game has almost 500,00 daily users

Attracting millions of weekly users, the puzzle-game has flooded Twitter timelines since its explosion in popularity.

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6.What is Wordle and how to play — everything you need to know

If your Twitter feed has recently become cluttered with yellow and green squares shared by overly smug people, then congratulations — you've seen Wordle. This online puzzle game has gone viral in the ...

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7.How to play Wordle: the new game that’s taking the internet by storm

Wordle is an addictive word game that has become a daily addition in many people’s lives. Players have six tries to guess a five-letter mystery word, and each time they guess a word, the game will ...

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8.What is Wordle? How to play the free viral word game online and the rules explained

The guessing game has taken Twitter by storm with hundreds of thousands of people across the world sharing their results on ...

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9.What is Wordle, the free puzzle game captivating the internet?

Wordle is a simple, shareable brainteaser where you have to guess the right word, and it's gaining a lot of popularity on Twitter.

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10.How to play Wordle, the viral app taking over Twitter

Find out how to play Wordle, the viral app taking over Twitter as users are eager to join in on the challenging fun online.

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11.Don’t be a Wordle Scrooge: Learn to love Twitter’s new favorite game

Has your Twitter feed filled up with boxes lately? Jump on the Wordle train and learn the joys of collective gaming.

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12.What is the Wordle game taking over social media and what are its romantic beginnings?

The Wordle game has united the nation—and it started out as a thoughtful gift from an engineer for his partner ...

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1.Vestments controversy

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2.List of French words of Gaulish origin

Ir/Sc dealg, MW dala 'sting, fang', W dal 'to fasten; fastener', C delc 'necklace', Br delioù 'pine that wordle' Lat. falx (Fr faux, Occ falç) FrProv darve of French words of Gaulish origin