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1.What is Wordle? Here’s why people are so obsessed with this viral daily game

If you’re scrolling through social media only to be bombarded with green and yellow squares, don’t be alarmed — it’s just Wordle. We’ve got you covered with all the information you need to know about ...

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2.What is Wordle and how to play — everything you need to know

If your Twitter feed has recently become cluttered with yellow and green squares shared by overly smug people, then congratulations — you've seen Wordle. This online puzzle game has gone viral in the ...

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3.Wordle, The Internet’s Latest Obsession, Is Also Its Best New Meme: A Primer

Wordle, the internet's latest game obsession, is also its best new meme. Check out some of the best Wordle memes here.

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4.Wordle is a free puzzle game covering the internet in little squares

You might have noticed the internet being peppered by little green, white and yellow squares over the past week. They're from Wordle, a free once-a-day word puzzle where everyone is trying to guess ...

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5.What is Wordle? Here’s what to know about the viral game | Charlotte Observer

We’ve got you covered with all the information you need to know about the viral game taking social media by storm. Wordle is a deceptively simple daily word game where users can guess a random ...

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6.What Is Wordle & Who Created It?

Created by software engineer ‘Josh Wardle’ from Brooklyn, New York, Wordle is a straightforward and free-word guessing game.

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7.Wordle: The wildly popular word game explained

Word game Wordle took the online world by storm in late 2021, and that momentum doesn't look anywhere near stopping in the new year. Never heard of Wordle? You've probably seen it on social media, ...

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8.The first hit game of 2022 is… a browser-based puzzle called Wordle

Pixel art is one thing, but the “visuals” of Wordle – the first viral video game hit of the year – are just a bunch of cryptic, coloured emoji squares? Even if you’re not aware of Wordle (which seems ...

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9.Wordle Creator Doesn't Want His Popular Game To Take Over Your Life

The creator behind Wordle, a free browser-based puzzle game, has no plans to include ads into his suddenly super-popular game, explaining in a recent interview that he doesn’t understand why some ...

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10.Wordle: Tips & tricks to ace the popular word game and become a Pro in no time

Are Wordle's green and yellow boxes driving you nuts? Here's how you can beat the puzzle everyday without breaking a sweat using some simple tips and tricks.

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11.Wordle creator has no plans to monetize on the game's popularity

No matter how hyped up it is, Wordle is quite free. In a time when NFTs and cryptocurrency have a lot of people and companies looking to edge their way into a quick buck and employees are caught up in ...

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12.Wordle strategies, tips, and tricks to beat daily puzzles fast

WORDLE has taken social media by storm, so what better time to flex on your friends by smashing the daily puzzles? The viral Twitter sensation is a word game puzzle that give you six tries to ...

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1.Vestments controversy

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2.La question (album)

throbbing beat of a heart in heat, but what really makes this song is Françoise Hardy's wordless vocalizations." "Viens" is followed by the title track, which question (album)