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1.Battle of the Alamo: Background, events and aftermath

He was placed in command of the volunteers during the battle. Another notable figure to fight and die at the Alamo was David Crockett, a famous American frontiersman and politician. He also served ...

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2.Alamo, Siege of the

Lieutenant Colonel William Barret Travis and James Bowie were placed in command of about 155 men at the Alamo. On 23 February 1836 General Antonio López de Santa Anna arrived at San Antonio with a ...

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3.The Fall of the Alamo

The lower division, commanded by Brigadier-General Urrea, moved from Matamoros on Goliad by a route near the coast, and a short time after the fall of the Alamo achieved the capture and massacre of ...

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4.Alamo defenders call for help

When the Texas revolution began in 1835, Travis became a lieutenant-colonel in the revolutionary army and was given command of troops ... troops took shelter in the Alamo, where they were soon ...

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5.16th Air Force Leaders talk Information Warfare at Alamo AFCEA

Sixteenth Air Force (Air Forces Cyber) leaders gathered with cyber, intelligence, and industry professionals to exchange ...

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6.The Alamo

The 160 or so men inside the fortress included James Bowie (of Bowie-knife fame), who was in command of the Alamo until pneumonia rendered him too sick; William B Travis, who took command of the ...

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and when the two companies under the command of Major SMITH and Capt. KING marched out with colors flying and band playing the national airs, and the old bullet-riddled and war-stained banner of ...

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8.Life on the Frontier after the Battle of the Alamo revealed in remarkable color photographs

The hand-tinted images were taken in the 1870s and 1880s by British photography house Valentine & Sons They depict the realities of life in Texas during the Wild West with cowboys and ranches in ...

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Wikipedia sayings about who was in command of the alamo?

1.José Gregorio Esparza

Esparza, was the last Texan defender to enter the Alamo during the early days of March 1836 in the Siege of the Alamo and was the only one that was not burnedé Gregorio Esparza

2.Philip Dimmitt

resigned his command in protest. Soon after, Dimmitt joined the Texians garrisoned at the Alamo Mission in Bexar. On February 23, Alamo commander William Dimmitt