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1.How to Use Natural Rope As a Trim

Although you can use many types ... the rope in place will help secure it. However, gluing may make re-decorating or replacing dirty or worn rope more difficult. To decrease the bend radius on rope, ...

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2.How to Build a 50 Shades of Grey ‘Red Room’

The wedge and ramp work separately and together to support your body in a variety ... bet. Rope bondage is a classic for a reason. It’s visceral, raw, and extremely versatile. But not all ...

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3.Ropes, cables, slings and chains

1910.265(c)(24)(viii)(a) All eye splices ... or short end of the rope. The U-bolt nuts need to be retightened immediately after initial load carrying use and at frequent intervals thereafter. 1910.265 ...

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4.Three easy ways to avoid the afternoon slump

Do we really get more tired in the afternoon as we get older, or is it just an excuse for a cheeky nap? According to The ...

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5.Mechanical Control Cables Specifications

All types have a through hole for mounting onto ... a socketing method to attach the fitting to the cable. Wire rope or cable is fed into an opening or socket and locked into place using wedge, ...

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6.Spacemaster SX Electric Wire Rope Hoists & Options - Ergonomic ...

SX1 GEN0 Mobilux EP 004 -22 to +248 Almagard 3752 -40 to +482 SX2 GEN1 Mobilux EP 004 -30 to +120 Almagard 3752 -40 to +482 SX3 GEN1 Mobilux EP 004 -30 to +120 Almagard 3752 -40 to +482 SX4 GEN2 ...

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7.How to care for a potted Christmas tree, an eco-friendly alternative to cutting one down

A potted Christmas tree should only spend two to three weeks inside and must be gently acclimated to indoor temperatures.

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8.Sling Load Chart Efficiencies of Wire Rope Slings

When one sling leg lifts 1,000 lbs. at 0 o , the sling stress is also 1,000 lbs. If the sling angle increases to 45 o , the stress actually exerted on the sling would be 1,414 lbs., an increase of ...

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9.12/5 WWE 205 Live Report: Gulak vs. Kendrick, Tornado Tag action, new number one contender announced, and more

From there, Gulak owned the match with a variety ... the top rope. From there, Kanellis and TJP owned the match. Not only did they decimate both Kalisto and Dorado with double team moves, but they ...

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10.The Coolest Pieces of Gear We Tested This Week

[Editor’s Note: Check back each week to see an updated list of our favorite new products, along with all the previous weeks’ gear picks.] Quiksilver 3/2 Capsule Everyday Sessions Chest-Zip ...

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22 July 2011. "Coal and the environment" (PDF). Kentucky Coal Education. Retrieved 22 July 2011. "Here Comes the Flying Stovepipe". TIME. 26 November

2.Glossary of baseball terms

popups and said that "he could have played his career in a stovepipe". A left-handed pitcher, so named because "port" refers to the left side of a ship of baseball terms