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1.What Is The Job Metaverse Is Trying To Do?

With tech companies scrambling to unveil metaverse offerings, what exactly are the use cases they're hoping will attract ...

From : Forbes

2.Tech News: The Metaverse, a whole new world

Opinion: The metaverse is seen as an online digital space where people can do things together in interconnected worlds across ...

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3.Metaverse and 5G: The hollow buzzword match made in heaven

If there’s anyone on Earth who’s more excited about the metaverse than Meta (formerly Facebook) CEO Mark Zuckerberg, it’s the ...

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4.Welcome to the metaverse: Five things you need to know

As Meta (Facebook) and Microsoft reposition themselves for the metaverse, Steve Benford has the lowdown on five things we ...

From : The Independent

5.What is the metaverse? A (kind of) simple explainer

What would it mean for so many essential interactions to be mediated by a handful of for-profit companies? If Meta's current ...

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6.The creator of the term 'metaverse' wants people to know he has 'nothing to do' with Facebook's Meta plans

Sci-fi author Neal Stephenson, who first coined the term in his 1992 book "Snow Crash," on Friday took to social media to let people know he is definitely not involved in the company's efforts to make ...

From : BusinessInsider

7.Dystopian Author Neal Stephenson on Metaverse, Climate Change

Author Neal Stephenson, who first coined the term "metaverse" in his 1992 book Snow Crash, is now coming back with another thriller, Termination Shock, set in a world wrecked by climate change.

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8.The metaverse and its implications for our digital future

When the company formerly known as Facebook announced plans in October to change its name to Meta, the company said the move ...

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9.iQiyi launches virtual reality headset for push into metaverse market

China's equivalent of Netflix, iQiyi, unveiled its latest all-in-one virtual reality headset called the Adventure Dream on ...

From : China Daily

10.Fashion 2022: How are designers getting to grips with the metaverse?

Early experiments in the virtual realm might feel like a gimmick, but there’s good reason to believe this is more than a ...

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