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1.Makeup Palette Assortment

Claire Rimkus throws down a challenge. Boy, does she throw down a challenge!

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2.11 Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Osiris, one of Egypt’s most important deities, was god of the underworld. He also symbolized death, resurrection, and the cycle of Nile floods that Egypt relied on for agricultural fertility ... to be ...

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3.Gods, myths and rituals: what we know about Viking religious beliefs

Little is known about the beliefs and rituals of the Vikings, with most information coming from the clues at burials sites or ...

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4.Death and Afterlife in Ancient Egyptian Society and the Mesopotamian Society

Yet their attitudes and prayers towards the gods and goddesses differed as well as their views on the afterlife. As explained, these views differed due to their location, climate and yield in ...

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5.What Was The Climate Like During The Egyptian Mythology?

How Did The Climate Affect Ancient Egypt? Deserts were prevalent in ancient Egypt. As a result of the yearly flooding and the receding of the Nile, Egyptians lived in an ancient society. Crops were ...

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6.Reza Aslan and God

By promising a reward in the afterlife ... El was the High God at Canaan. Known as the Creator of Created things and the Ancient of Days, El also functioned as one of Canaan’s chief fertility gods.

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7.The Egyptian Afterlife

In Spell 1455 and 1456, the king states "I am a star which illuminates the sky; I mount up to the god that I may be protected ... the formerly exclusively royal prerogatives of the afterlife became ...

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8.God of War: What Other Gods Should Kratos Fight?

If we ever get to see Kratos fighting the Egyptian gods, one of the first ones that would need to go would be Osiris, the god regent of the afterlife ... as a god of fertility and prosperity.

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9.Name the God Quiz

Diancecht is the god of healing and medicine. Myrrdin also known as Merlin. Dewi is the god of dragons. Gwydion is the god of warriors and magic. Arawn is the god of the underworld, terror, revenge ...

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10.Divinity, drunkenness and desire: the story of wine in art

While beer was an everyday drink in ancient Egypt, wine was more often reserved for gods and funerary rituals, in part ...

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11.The gods and demons

of the slain god was left in human flesh and thus became part of human beings. It is this originally divine part of humanity, the eṭemmu, that was believed to survive at his death and to give him a ...

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12.Who Are the Thracians and Why Wine Was an Integral Part of Their Culture and Tradition 6000 Years Ago?

They did not have their own script – may be due to their belief it’s not necessary to leave lasting traces, because earthly life is just a short transition to the eternal afterlife ... Dionysus – the ...

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Wikipedia sayings about god of fertility agriculture and the afterlife

1.Min (god)

of bull horns. As the central deity of fertility and possibly orgiastic rites, Min became identified by the Greeks with the god Pan. One feature of Min (god)

2.Sumerian religion

water and human culture, Ninhursag, the goddess of fertility and the earth, Utu, the god of the sun and justice, and his father Nanna, the god of the moon religion