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1.How to buy land in Metaverse

If you thought the metaverse was created when Mark Zuckerberg stated that Meta was constructing the “next iteration of the ...

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2.Investors scoop up land in metaverse: A look at top deals so far

The metaverse may still be in its infancy, but the size of some of the real estate deals in the virtual universe has been eye ...

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3.Around 16,000 people buy virtual plots of land in Sandbox metaverse: Co-founder

Around 16,000 people have bought plots of virtual land in a new blockchain-linked video game, Sandbox cofounder and COO ...

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4.Investors snap up metaverse real estate in a virtual land boom

Interest in this digital universe skyrocketed in October when Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook would be known as Meta, an ...

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5.Explained: How real estate is booming in metaverse

Investors are now flocking to the metaverse, or a virtual immersive 3D world, where anyone can create their avatars and ...

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6.They buy virtual land inside metaverse for 2.4 million dollars bought a plot in the "Fashion Street" area where there will be virtual fashion events for Decenterland users.

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7.Virtual land sells for ₹32 crore in most expensive 'metaverse' property sale

A virtual land in The Sandbox metaverse has been sold for $4.3 million (₹32.2 crore), marking the biggest metaverse property ...

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8.Someone just spent $2.5 million on virtual land in the metaverse

In what appears to be the next obvious step towards the future, people have started investing millions in a virtual universe.

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9.A plot of virtual land that went for $4.3 million in The Sandbox is the most expensive metaverse property sale ever

The new record broke the one set just last week by Metaverse Group, which bought digital land for 618,000 mana, or about ...

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10.The Virtual Land Rush: What Makes Metaverse Appealing To Investors?

The virtual real estate market is on the rise, with investors ready to pay millions in fiat money to secure their spot as a ...

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11.Virtual land within metaverse sells for record $2.43 million

A 500-square-metre plot of virtual real estate has sold for $2.43 million, breaking the record for the largest ever metaverse ...

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12.Metaverse real estate piles up record sales in sandbox and other virtual realms

Firms’ purchases of digital land in online worlds are bets that property values will rise as more people join in ...

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