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1.RG3 announces new book about ‘dysfunctional’ Washington Football Team

If there was even a slim chance of a Cam Newton-esque reunion in Robert Griffin III’s future, he just slammed that door shut.

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2.RG3 to write tell-all book detailing his time in Washington

Robert Griffin III is releasing a book next summer on his experience playing for the 'dysfunctional' Washington Football Team ...

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3.Robert Griffin III promises to expose Washington, Daniel Snyder in upcoming 'tell-all' book about his old team

Robert Griffin III has special plans to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his entrance to the NFL: expose the team that ...

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4.Robert Griffin III to Write 'Explosive Tell-All' Book on Daniel Snyder's WFT

RG3, the former WFT quarterback, has announced plans to write a book titled "Surviving Washington,'' which is being ...

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5.Robert Griffin III writing 'explosive' tell-all book about surviving Washington's toxic culture

Robert Griffin III promises to shine a light on the toxic culture within the Washington Football Team, which he’s calling ...

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6.Robert Griffin III to Drop 'Explosive Tell-All' Book About 'Dysfunctional' Washington Football Team

In a past life, former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III was a dual-threat quarterback who demonstrated deep ball accuracy, good arm strength, and elite athleticism. But once injuries took their toll ...

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7.Ginsenoside Rg3 attenuates skin disorders via down-regulation of MDM2/HIF1α signaling pathway

Thymic stromal lymphopoietin (TSLP) acts as a master switch for inflammatory responses. Ginsenoside Rg3 (Rg3) which is an active ingredient of Panax ginseng Meyer (Araliaceae) is known to possess ...

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Gresh & Zo's No Huddle: Week 15 HighlightsAndy Gresh and Scott Zolak go around the NFL to talk about the biggest moments of Week 15, starting with the (stop me if you've heard this one before ...

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