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1.In Defense of Qualified Immunity

qualified immunity does not elevate police officers above the law, nor does it make it impossible to sue an officer for violating your rights. It is, by definition, “qualified,” limited ...

From : National Review

2.Bill Cosby prosecutors ask US Supreme Court to revive case in long shot bid

Prosecutors believe the Pennsylvania Supreme Court erred when it overturned Bill Cosby’s conviction in June and released the ...

From : WTSP

3.Nick Opoku: Parliamentary immunity: A ticket above the law?

In a press release issued on behalf of the Speaker by the Deputy Clerk of Parliament on November 3, 2021, the Speaker rightly acknowledged that MPs are not above the law and that immunity from ...

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4.The Supreme Court floats a startling expansion to police immunity from the law

The Supreme Court handed down a brief opinion on Monday holding that a California police officer is immune from ... But that means that, if an officer commits a legal violation so obvious that ...

From : MSN

5.What is herd immunity?

According to the new definition of 'herd immunity', since there is no vaccination for the common cold, as a species we are doomed to unspeakable suffering and extinction? What's next? Where does it ...

From : Japan Today

6.3rd Circ. Risks Twisting COVID Immunity Law Into Pretzel

He added that the PREP Act, on its face, is irrelevant to the cases in question, and noted that a federal court does ... doesn't mean it's suddenly a federal issue. There is no case law saying ...

From : Law360

7.The 77 percent - COVID 19-Young does not mean immune

What does it mean to be an African man? Secret initiations still mark the transition from boyhood to manhood. In our Street Debate, our panel of men share the pressures of living up to masculine ...

From : Deutsche Welle

8.Colorado Blocks Qualified Immunity for Police

Supporters, however, say the law only creates an avenue for citizens to bring their grievances and does not guarantee ... “that doesn't mean that the police are going to lose every one of them just ...

From : Courthouse News Service

9.Omicron: what it means for markets

Our experts set out six scenarios emerging from the new Covid-19 variant and assess the decisions investors now face.

From : Schroders

10.South Africa province where the Omicron variant was detected sees 330% surge in hospitalizations

Covid related hospitalizations in Gauteng, the province where Omicron was first detected, have increased 330 percent over the ...

From : Daily Mail on

11.The failure of legal challenges obscures an ongoing scientific debate.

That analysis suggests why similar legal challenges by people with naturally acquired COVID-19 immunity are unlikely ... But that does not mean unvaccinated people who already have recovered ...

From : Reason

12.What Does "Convey" Mean in a Quitclaim Deed?

A deed can only convey what it identifies, so all deeds typically include a legal description of the property ... One thing a quitclaim deed does not include is a promise that the grantor has ...

From : SFGate

Wikipedia sayings about what does immunity mean in law

1.Burden of proof (law)

motion for declaration of immunity. The judge must then decide from clear and convincing evidence whether to grant immunity. This is a lower burden than of proof (law)

2.Civil Rights Act of 1866

citizens of the United States in the enjoyment of "civil rights and immunities." What do these terms mean? Do they mean that in all things civil, social, Rights Act of 1866