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1.Maplewood Village To Commemorate Hanukkah With Menorah Lighting

The ceremony will take place at 6:15 p.m. Thursday at Dickens Village in Ricalton Square as the annual Jewish holiday runs ...

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2.Holiday lights: Candles illuminate many religious, cultural celebrations

Many of our religious and cultural traditions trace their roots back thousands of years to light-filled celebrations of the ...

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3.How to explain Hanukkah to kids

Jewish kids know all about Christmas. They can’t help it. It’s everywhere this time of year. But Christian kids might be ...

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4.Don’t get burned! How and where to get Hanukkah candles in the Bay Area

There’s good news on the Hanukkah candle front! Bay Area shops have a plentiful supply — from your basic, serve-the-purpose ...

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5.ASK THE VET: Light Hanukkah candles far away from curious puppy’s nose

Foods cooked in oil, such as latkes and doughnuts, are a favorite part of Hanukkah, but they should be shared only with human ...

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6.Grand menorah lights up in El Paso as members of Jewish community observe Hanukkah

Grand menorah lights up El Paso as part of Hanukkah observance Sunday, Nov. 28, 2021 at Chabad Lubavitch Center for Jewish ...

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7.How long does Hanukkah 2021 last? When the Jewish festival of lights ends and how it’s celebrated

Hannukah is the Jewish festival of lights with festivities spanning a total of eight nights and days.. The Jewish festival, ...

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8.When is Hanukkah this year and why the Jewish Festival of Lights is celebrated

Hebrew for "dedication"— is also known as Chanukah or the Festival of Lights.  The eight-day celebration remembers ...

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9.How the light of Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, dispels darkness: Lawson

On the evening of Nov. 28, Jews all over the world will begin the eight-day celebration of Hanukkah. This year Hanukkah will be celebrated through Dec. 6. To what may surprise those reading this ...

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10.Gov. Pritzker lights menorah at Thompson Center to celebrate Hanukkah

Gov. Pritzker attended a celebration Monday morning to light the menorah at the Thompson Center. The 8-night holiday ...

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11.Watch: Who did Trump invite to light Hanukkah candles?

President Donald Trump invited eight Holocaust survivors to light the eight candles of the Hanukkah menorah during the ceremony. The daughter of Zehava Unger, an 88-year-old Holocaust survivor who ...

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1.Angela Warnick Buchdahl

committed to creating a Jewish household". In December 2014 she was welcomed by President Barack Obama to lead the prayers at the White House Hanukkah celebration Warnick Buchdahl

2.Hebrew school

challah for Shabbat, have class in a sukkah during Sukkot, or light candles during Hanukkah. These experiences teach children about the holidays and mitzvot school